The problem of working harder is that you might actually be working a lot on something that actually have very little impact or even didn’t have to be done at all. You need to work smarter!
It’s like running a lot….but in the wrong direction. Here you are, a few tips so you can do more in less time

1. Plan your day ahead if possible the previous evening.

Having that plan in your subconscient will set up the mood in your brain and you’ll know where and when to focus when you’re about to start your day.

2. Don’t jump between tasks, otherwise you’ll have to catch up again the rhythm and you’ll have the feeling nothing is finished (and it isn’t). Focus in one task, finish it, then move on your daily target list.

3. Make breaks. Every hour take a small walk (to the coffee machine for instance). Breath, your brain needs oxygen to think, if possible fresh air. Don’t take this as a waste of time, it can refill and refresh your mind/ideas.

4. Gratitude. Thank people helping or supporting you, or thank for whatever other reason. Being grateful releases happiness and optimism and that supports creativity and clarity.

5. Say no. Saying yes to all kind of requests from colleagues or managers don’t improve your quality of work. You need to know your limits and your limitations. Say no, whenever in doubt if you’ll meet a deadline or if you will be able to present valuable content.

6. Be proactive instead of reactive. If you want to avoid being driven by tasks and by the others agenda or colleagues, be proactive. Anticipate. Finish tasks before deadline so people don’t chase you. Provide info before people come to you. Communicate clearly so people don’t ask you for explanations. Use more phone and f2f than emails.

7. Email. Don’t let outlook or emails drive your day. When it’s really urgent, people will call you. Check emails 3 or 4 times a day (morning, after lunch, mid-afternoon)

8. Social media. A complete time killer if you don’t step back. Like email check, establish routines to look at your smartphone. Establish that goal and track the progress. You’ll see how hard it is, but you’ll also notice that keeping away provides you more focus and time to do what really matters. Rather when using social media, use it to your advantage, sharing information about your project, getting awareness for your projects as well. You can even use Grow Traffic to further expand your social media circle

9. Delegate. You can’t be everywhere and on top of everything. Trust and empower people. Colleagues who feel empowered normally over deliver. This way you can free up time to focus on other things, on the bigger picture.

10. Deliver through others. What is more important, that you do, finish and present a project or that the project is presented with clear gains and objectives attained? Use the skills, knowledge and experience of colleagues and peers to achieve your milestones.
Credit: Amaro Claudos Araujo (Quora)

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