Different characters created by a person for different situations in life. All these characters form what we really are. Each person has their own created characters.

These are some of mine:


Love bubbles, extroverted, spoilt girl, especially appears in family birthdays, where all your guys ask you if you have a boyfriend, as are the university studies and your future plans. Not to scream at their faces Mildred appears to replace the insults in sweet and sympathetic phrases.


That familiar phrase “a look is worth a thousand words” is perfect for her. Silent, she likes to sing opera and analyze human behavior. It appears when you go on buses, or when you are giving an exam in which you have not studied and you ask many questions about your future. In moments of waiting.


Sneaky twins, clever, fight among themselves, but they need each other to live day to day. They appear in the moments of decision, opinions, advice, suggestions, with different points of view, they do not help much, they only leave more chaos in your mind and you end up deciding shit.


Calm, calm, and more calm. Breathe and exhale, meditate, yoga, chakras. Gods, mother earth, sun moon. It appears when you solve problems, you reconcile with someone, you fulfill obligations or you end up paying debts and rents, you pass exams or when you listen to your favorite music in a relaxing place.


She gets angry easily, she insults you easily, bad mood. Love the glasses to hide the look of hatred towards humanity. She knows what we all know, we live under a system, we live daily without knowing why we are in this world. She hates all that, hates humanity, the system, the questions, the answers. Except the dogs. Appears in rows of supermarkets, work meetings, car traffic, phone calls promoting services to buy.


Lover of the cinema, addicted to the movie “Panic and madness in Las Vegas” does not smoke, only looks. It appears in social moments, parties, friends’ birthdays, a friend’s cousin’s birthday, bars, and more social events. Appearing, asking “how is your life?” when we really do not care.


Curated by Sofia Furio; connect with her on Instagram here

Culled from Issue 21


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