As the year comes to an end, and businesses are getting ready for the traditional festive holiday, while some of us are anticipating a peaceful festive period with little or no interference from work, just pure solitude and late mornings. Others, still have to work, even on Christmas Day, they have office hours, thanks to the big fat ‘demon’ that is called Social Media!

It is little or no news that this fad is here for the long haul, with corporate businesses and the likes moving their services online and even creating a platform on the net for easy access and a wider range communication bracket. While this is all well and good and has grown to be the most effective means of marketing and expansion of businesses in a second, some organizations are still misusing this tool and also turning online marketing into a bore and a drag.

Like all fads and cool toys, social media has its perils and up sides, you need to learn the tricks to the trade, literally – when to join in on a conversation, when to up your ante, and when to just sit back, turn off your internet and watch. Below are few tips that can further improve your social media game.



For every brand there is a target audience, make sure to find your target audience and what interests them. Join in on their conversations, sparking color where necessary, don’t try to be overly eager or too ‘smart’. Keep it simple and breeze through, don’t be too complicated.



It is important to master the art of focusing your brand on a certain thing, do not try to be so many things at a time to your audience. In the real world being a jack of all trades is very flattering and is always a welcome development, but on social media, your brand just comes off as confused and misplaced.



Pretty much explains itself, build a followership that is genuinely interested in your brand and its contents, if you have a steady 5,000 followers that tune in whenever your brand drops something new, exchanging thoughts and sharing with their friends, then you are on the right track. It tops having 100,000 followers that are uninterested in anything you have to ‘sell’ or share.



Growth on this platform is sometimes very slow and draining, but do not be discouraged, it is very normal.

In most cases, people trend and get instant stardom, but the norm is, you put in a lot of work and success comes steadily.


Social media is like this, once you make the first step, that is, getting a steady audience and consumer base, the chips immediately fall in place, that is, steady content and a well vast brand open the door to your followers, causing them to share your services on their other platforms: Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

So when new followers search for your brand, they pop up in their favorite search engines.



Try to find other users that have the same interests and a credible followership like you do, create a comfortable relationship with them.

Do not come across as needy and inexperienced, just keep putting forth quality content and be sure that they will share it to their large base of followers also.



The aim of creating a social media base for your brand is to market your BRAND, which is all well and good but then, you do not want to be a bore, always yapping about the same terms and services. You might lose some fickle minded fans, you need them!

Try not to log in only when you have a new business plan to diss out, always be in the mix, focusing more on creating amazing contents and developing relations with online influencers.



Online marketing creates an easy room for interaction, you will have consumers mention you on Twitter for the most stupid reasons, or they just want to engage you in a very long and unnecessary conversation that is probably somewhere on your website. Make sure to always answer, because best believe when they reach out they are waiting for your response.



Try as much as you can to talk about other published brands on the same platform, if you want them to talk about you, or continue talking about you, extend the same to them.

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