The evolution of the new media and its mode of operations have been tremendous, its ubiquitousness can’t be over emphasized.

Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian professor and media theorist, termed the world a “global village” which has now transcended through time; we can’t do without the social media.

Statistics have shown that youths are heavy users of these social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and their bid to keep up with trends unfolding are quite overwhelming. They feel they don’t want to be left in the dark and most times they tend to be over ambitious over things. These days, it is noteworthy to observe that the younger generations are often gingered by happenings online. They tend to keep up with celebrity lives who mostly hide what they really are, the squalor and penury behind their glittering facade are so unbelievable but they flaunt posh cars and outfits regularly.

Our ladies are susceptible to this online display of flamboyance, they go through the phase of exchanging their bodies for luxury, they parade themselves as “small girls with big God“, cashing out daily on the expense of their future. They want to wear the most exorbitant human hair, the latest Fendi and Rolex all to keep up.

Apple’s latest brand, the iPhone XS is now a must have, they mount unnecessary pressure on their partners to get them the phone or risk a break up. The question now is, are all these worth it? Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Our young men resort to theft and internet fraud popularly known as “yahoo” to earn the big title. They use charms, kill and eat faeces to keep cash flowing. Some go to Malaysia where they do drugs and auction their kidneys for sale. We shouldn’t let social media rush us; no one posts failures online, let’s stay loyal to our hustle.

Nothing beats realness, we wants to trend by all means thereby resorting to silly, controversial ways, men begin to act effeminate, women begin to flaunt themselves as top prostitutes, how did we ever get here?

American rapper, Kanye West, recently tweeted about how people kill themselves over followers and likes, how they attach themselves too much to social media relevance which is an issue because likes and followers shouldn’t determine self-worth, we should note that we are in no competition with anyone but to improve versions of ourselves positively.

What if we stop seeking validations from people and work hard in promoting our craft, paying less attention to social media’s distraction? We definitely need a shift in our mental perceptions of things; the sky is vast enough to accommodate everyone.


This article was written by Chinedu Victor Chukwuebuka;Β connect with him on IGΒ here


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