The ability to stay motivated as an entrepreneur is as tasking as staying hydrated in the scorching desert sun. It is an act of sustaining focus and drive while working towards achieving your goals amidst challenges and uncertainties. Entrepreneurs don’t succeed out of the knowledge or information they possess alone but mostly as a result of positive drive and motivation.

As rightly put by Roy T. Bennett he said “if you don’t give up on something you truly believe in, you will find a way”.

Motivation is what distinguishes entrepreneurs from people who have merely but dreams, “motivation will almost always beat mere talent” were the words of Norman Ralph Augustine that confirms successful entrepreneurs should strive to always maintain high level of motivation. Below are six ways to sustain your motivation as an entrepreneur:

See the big picture

If you can always picture what a great future looks like, your level of optimism will be high. Motivation sometimes comes with the end result of our goal, attaining societal status and wealth are what comes with success in entrepreneurship and the desire to attain these feats can help motivate you positively.

Keep a great team

In business, your team is a catalyst to how far you can go and how motivated you can be at every particular time. Group encouragement and hard work are the characteristics of a great team.

Take pride in your success

When you have reached a milestone, develop a sense of pride in the success achieved and work towards attaining higher heights.

Strive for excellence

Excellence is a source of motivation too, knowing that nobody or only a few people are better than you at what you do can also be a good source of motivation. In the words of Abraham Lincoln he said “whatever you are, be a good one”.

Keep stress at its lowest level

Stress depresses people and takes away their optimism, learn to relieve yourself of stress by finding ways to unwind or exercising regularly.

Mission is key to success

As rightly put by Zig Ziglar he said “outstanding people have one thing in common. An absolute sense mission.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal


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