Teamwork is seen as the collectiveness of the efforts of several persons united by the desire to record success in the achievement of certain goal(s). All the members are required to bring to the table their individual skills, knowledge and creativity which will be summed into collective efforts directed towards achieving such goal(s). An effective team is very paramount in the running of a business.

Entrepreneurs have recorded tremendous success from building effective team [s] where members contribute great inputs that are directed towards the achievement of collective goal(s). In order to build a team that can work towards an intended future, the entrepreneur and his/her team must imbibe the following:

Focus on shared goal(s)

The entire team must understand the goal(s) which the team is set up to achieve and work collectively to achieve success.

Unity and interdependence

Members are required to work in togetherness and also share information, expertise through collaboration that should help them reach the desired height.

Utilize expertise

Individual professionalism should not be undermined; everyone should be given a fair platform to showcase his/her own useful input as this will help to reveal talents and creativity in members.

Manage conflicts properly

When people are brought together from different backgrounds and beliefs, there is the tendency for conflict to arise during the storming stage of the team’s development. Conflicts should be resolved in an amicable manner where the individuals involved can still be united to work towards the success of the team.

Mutuality in decision and leadership

When making decision or leading a team, mutuality is the consent of the majority or general members involved. This is a good way of giving everyone a great sense of belonging as it shows that every input is valued and appreciated.

Utilize time

Time is very sacrosanct to team especially when the task or goal has a deadline. Success is of no value if it’s not achieved at the right time.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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