It is a usual concept to motivate team members in order to help them achieve their best while delivering their duties and responsibilities. If you want people to be at their best, set up a reward system and also create a more mutual relationship to help them actualize the organizational and their individual goals. Relationship helps to ease knowledge transfer and also create an atmosphere that celebrates wins and nurture amateurs to their full potentials easily. The following are methods that can help your team to achieve goals easily:


Communicating the vision, mission and core values of the organization to your team is the best way of preparing their minds for the task ahead. When they completely understand and imbibe these things, their activities will be built around them.

Better Role Sharing

Placing individuals in areas they can thrive through passionate dedication to job roles is very important as it gives them sense of pride and fulfillment. In clear terms, put a square peg in a square hole and a round peg in its own too.

Welcome Creativity

Create an atmosphere where individuals who are creative will be able to exhibit it for their own success and the organization as well.

Give Incentives

Incentives can motivate majority of people around the world, monetary and other incentives such as vacation packages, promotion, shares can help grow your team to succeed.

Personal and Professional Empowerment

Encouraging each individual to become their best and also empowering them to learn new skills and acquire certifications will commit them more to their jobs in the organization.

Give them a Sense of Partnership

When people are shown more appreciation, given a space of comfort and allowed to communicate their opinion as a stakeholder, they become more motivated and sometimes feel responsible for ensuring that an organization is successful.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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