The men are not left out in the world of fashion as it is also good for a man to stand out  in how he looks and presents himself. You do not have to break the bank to be stylish, every man wears cloths but what makes you stand out, appealing and given a stare is what this article is about.

Men are beginning to wake up and take care of themselves, and dress stylishly. There are certain key things a man must have at the back of his mind when dressing up. What is an intelligent man if he cannot look good on the outside. Even the average guy can turn heads with simple steps .

1. Before a man gets up to put on some cloths, he must first wear it with confidence, the aura of a man is very key in the expression of his outfit. Wonderful outfit, poor aura equals to a zero stylish man that would only get unnoticed. Wear that outfit with confidence.

2.  Body type is key to being a stylish man. A stylish man is fit and concerned about his health, a man who is overly skinny or too fat might not get the best fit of the beautiful outfit he wants to put on.

3. If a man wants to be stylish he must have good personal hygiene, take a good bath, brush your teeth properly  and put on a nice cologne; there are cologne for every guy depending on taste and what you can afford. For example a guy wearing Gucci and has body odour will not seem appealing to the next person.

4. Men should invest in body hug fitting short sleeve t-shirts, especially black and white as when this is worn makes a man appear simple but classy.

5. In becoming a stylish man, men should invest in a fitted black trousers, as this can be very stylish, and can be worn with any shirt depending on the event.

6.  A man with a nice hair cut using shampoo and conditioner at least 3 times a week, and taking care of his beads using beard oil, beard comb, and beard balm and good after shave is on his way to becoming a stylish man.

7. Stylish and a good pair of sunshades cannot go out of season as a man that wants to be stylish should  have a pair. It ranges from different prices according to what you can afford. Aside for use of the sun, a stylish man can put it on to make an entrance or take a hot picture.

8. There is nothing as yummy as a man with a good pair of leather belt, if matched with the shoe, that would be lovely, but for an average Man, Black will be the golden colour that can go with any outfit.

9. A good pair of gold or silver wristwatch always makes a man stand out, whether he is under dressed or overdressed. Get a good pair today and dive into the world of class.

10. What is a man without good pair of leather shoes, don’t forget to keep them shiny, as this kind of shoes can be worn with any outfit be it casual or corporate.

11. Blazers are man’s best friend as this just makes a man look great, he wears a short sleeve  shirt, and if he has an emergency event or meeting, he can just throw on a blazer and he is suddenly transformed into dapper and stylish.

12. A pocket square is very important in the journey of a stylish man as it brings out the dapper and class in every man, men should take it a step further by adding the pocket square and squeezing a nice bright cloth in there.   

13. White snickers is the way to go for a hot casual look, paired with a fitted jeans is just perfect for a lazy day out, it has a classy  feel any day anytime.

14. A scarf is not so common for the men, but there are men scarfs out there, and it would be nice for the men to incorporate that into their outfit for a more sexy and stylish look.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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