The title of vocal powerhouse Simi’s latest music offering reads like a book – One with a vital life lesson somewhere in the last few pages.

‘No longer Beneficial’ produced by Sess inspires you to listen without question; If not for the title, for the music maestro behind its creation.

Simi is in her element in this colourful tale of conflicting emotions and there’s no surprise there, because this is a story and Simi is a proficient storyteller.

Music producer, Sess goes out of his element in this track, embedding a nostalgic 90s feel to the verses to keep Simi’s lyrics grounded and at the same time amped for full effect. But he doesn’t stay too far from his element, with a return of some Afrobeat percussion as we settle well into the chorus of the track.

The song ‘No Longer Beneficial’ is an odd tale of reversed roles. Relationships in this part of the world is usually dipped in patriarchy, with a female more often than not seen as the one with a yearning for a more emotional connection but Simi nicely upends this narrative and gives us a view into a world where a female holds all the cards wanting nothing more than to just have fun.

After her hit single ‘Duduke’ that played well with expectant mothers, garnering over 20 million YouTube views, we were expecting a more prolonged recess for the new Mother to help her navigate motherhood before making the expected comeback, but Simi had other plans. 

She instead makes an early comeback with the introduction of her ‘Restless 2 EP’ shattering assumptions.

Known for employing engaging visuals to her storytelling, Simi somehow falls short in this new video. The video of ‘No Longer Beneficial’ is a colourful display of a fiercer version of Simi in her new role as distant lover, but in all its cinematographic excellence, the video does not in anyway rise to the storyline, focusing instead on Simi as it’s only subject ; A visual flaw in itself.

How do you propose a storyline of two lovers and then project only one, without even as much as a subtle hint of the other. Maybe Adekunle Gold had something to do with it, we’ll never know.

But that doesn’t take anything away from the creative structure of the song. The lyrics and rhymes are first-class as is reminiscent of Simi and the overall message is within reach.

The truth is that if a single from the forthcoming Restless 2 EP is this profound, then we are not being too ambitious to expect a major treat when the complete body of work is released.

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