It’s a great thing to own a job especially in this current economy where jobs are being lost on daily basis in their hundreds. When you have a job, you have the means to cater for your needs and also enjoy the privileges that come with employment financially and otherwise. Some persons are fortunate enough to have had the opportunities to meet important personalities and visit great places as a result of the kind job they do or the organization they work for. A great number of people find fulfillment in their jobs, they are contented and they love the organization they work for to a fault displaying their pride as an employee of the said organization at the slightest opportunity.

On the other hand, many are frustrated and unhappy because they hate their jobs, their bosses, the organization and everything that has to do with it, they are only stuck because they need the salary to enable them carry on with life. The worst scenario is workplace harassment and co-workers rivalry; these are the two major factors that make workplace very uncomfortable. Whether one is a happy employee or a dissatisfied worker, there is need for a business that can generate additional income.

Young Nigerians in their great numbers have business acumen that can change the state of poverty and unemployment in the country but we are being limited by fears, bad information and the lack of can-do spirit. Many have found their feat today leaving paid jobs to pursue their passion. It pays to try something on the side of a steady income job as you might be threading the path of new discovery that will change your fate and so many other persons’ for the better.  If  you are contented and happy being an employee today, it might shock you that you will be job hunting again next month as most companies in the country are downsizing in mass as a result of unfavorable business situations and environment.

There are numerous human needs that need to be filled profitably. These needs exist around us in the form of services and products. If you find graphic designing interesting and you have what it takes to create and innovate then you should give it a try. What about the ability to bring people together to have fun or learn? You might be surprise where this leads you. And the big guys around now are the ones creating technologies that make tasks easier, making our home more comfortable or making travelling easier/safer and making most of our great decisions easier by the click of button. What are you waiting for if you have what it takes?

It is obvious we are holding back some breakthrough and success by not trying out our hands on something profitable while working/schooling or even jobless. Like I earlier stated, it might be our gateway to new discoveries or a way out of a frustrating job, prevention against the trauma of sudden loss of job or prolong unemployment. It will require a lot of thinking as great ideas are outputs of great thinking leading to financial success and social recognition.  A salary earner or a student can add a business on the side to enable him/her achieve more financial freedom. While Tara Durotoye, Toyin Lawani and the founders of Jobberman founded their companies while schooling here in Nigeria, Adenah Bayoh was a Liberian who became a refugee in the U.S.A at a very tender age but with her dedication and hard work she saw herself through high school and college while working many jobs. She landed a banking job after finishing school and she began her investment in real estate by buying houses from her savings while working. She eventually resigned to face her businesses and also got franchise from International House of Pancake (IHOP) to operate in Irvington and Peterson. Adenah is a highly successful entrepreneur with many awards/recognition who now speaks at various gatherings including that of women and students.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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