In the moment of pure love, true lust, good affection, pure satisfaction, sacrifices, financial wealth amongst the unconscious heartbreak, sorrow and pain inflicted on others caused by my actions; I seek for true love, joy, peace of mind and happiness. I seek for my own, the one I can call mine without sharing. I know love shall come and I would embrace it with open arms. This I hope and seek for.


I opened my eyes to a smiling face bent over my head. I smiled back and tilt up my face to kiss him.

‘Good morning’ I grinned.

‘Morning, we got to leave soon. I need to go home first before going to the office. My wife has been calling.’

I smiled and kissed him again.

‘You can go. I will take my time and besides I am working offline today.’

Oh, that’s great. I will transfer money to your account then.’

I watched as he Bode dressed up.

Let me help you with your tie.

Thanks dear.’

You are good to go’ I said and we kissed again.

I will call you later in the day.’


I needed some spa treatment and needed new wears. My bank account was already loaded and I ordered for the latest trends in fashion. My gram page is about to be flooded with slay styles. My phone rang.

Hello David’, I was calm.

Sis, Dad says he needs money oooo. At least for upkeep. Please send him money, no matter how small.’

Okay, no problem. I will also send money to mom.’

What about me?

I smiled. ‘Okay, I will send money to you too.’

Thank you big sis. Please also remember about our discussion oooo. I want to come to the city ooo, at least hustle like my mates and start making my money. My friends who left for the city are now buying cars and . . . . .’

Okay, okay’ I cut him off. ‘We will discuss about that later. I need to be at work now. You will receive the money soon.’


I went to my beauty store. I had ordered my staff to cut off sales by 10%. We needed customers to boost our sales. I was glad of what I have achieved. I kept calling Bode’s number and got a text few minutes later. He had booked the hotel room and said he would be two hours late. I wondered why because he had never kept me waiting.

Dressed seductively on the bed while waiting for him with some good wine and food, I posed for a picture on my gram; Life is sweet.

Were you in a meeting?’ I asked Bode when he finally came.

My wife knows I won’t be in a function today. She suspects already I am here and tried to stop me. We argued for hours and she kept cursing. I drove off angrily from home.’

Come baby, let me rub your back.

That would be so much better. I really need it‘ He became relaxed. ‘What would I have done without you?’

I laughed. ‘Absolutely nothing but still you haven’t bought me a new car.

You would get it tomorrow. I promise.

I rubbed his back gently, smoothly till he fell asleep. A peace of mind was what he needed. The next day, my bank account balance was doubled and I was called to pick up my car.


I was chilling in an open lounge eating some good wine and food while waiting for Joseph. We have been flirting with each other, I would not say we were dating because there was obviously no commitment between us. Some times, I wished we were actually dating and travelling places, he had a car, an apartment of his own and a good job. We were just very more than good friends and always had each other’s back.

Someone kissed me from behind on my neck. I turned and smiled.

Hey dear’

‘Hmmmmm, your looking good.’

I laughed. ‘And why did you take so long?

Heavy traffic. Sorry dear

I have ordered your usual‘ I smiled.

Thanks babe‘ He smiled. ‘So how did your day go?

Went pretty well. Yours?

Aside from the hectic work load. I’m good.

We laughed, chatted happily and enjoyed each other’s company. The night seems cozy and welcoming. I would be spending my night at his place.


I was buying some foodstuffs at the mall, I wanted to cook today since I left the office earlier. I felt a sharp pain at the back of my neck. Someone was pulling my hair so hard that if it was a wig, it would have yanked out.

You don’t want to leave my husband alone?. You want to break us apart right? You keep calling and calling him and disturbing us. All these nonsense you are buying now is from my husband money even this stupid hair you fixed, from your shoes to your clothes. Do you have any conscience at all?’

I recognized her immediately from Bode’s phone. I imagined her as a nagging wife and a lousy mouthed woman. I wasn’t going to allow this woman embarrass me in the public. I took a deep breathe as she kept pulling my clothes and alerted the security.

Oh, you think you are smart right? Let me see you again and we would see if that face of yours won’t be disfigured by the time I am through with you. Low life cheap home wrecker. Go and find yourself your own man and stop sleeping around with people’s husband.’

I rushed out of the mall immediately. I wouldn’t take this embarrassment again. I wasn’t her problem. Her husband was and she should talk to him but if he keeps coming back to me, then its no fault of mine. I sighed and drove off. I just lost my appetite.


I needed somewhere to go, somewhere to feel comfy and relaxed after what just happened at the mall. I wasn’t thinking and as I drove straight to Joseph’s place. I knocked severally but there was no answer and just as I was about to leave. The door flung opened; Joseph barely clothed with a sleepy eyed chic hanging on to him and kissing him. He was shocked for a second to see me and became calm the next second. I wanted to find my voice. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. And when I did.

‘I closed from work earlier today and I decided to stop by and say hi. But seems your. . . busy. So later’

I didn’t wait for his response and walked off immediately. I tried to hold back my emotions and remain focus and blank as I drove back home.


I was comfortable on the private plan with Bode. We had planned our vacation for a week at Dubai and I couldn’t wait to flood my gram page. He spoilt me silly, bought me the finest clothes and shoes, we dined at the under water restaurant and took me sailing on a private boat. All he needed from me every night was my pussy.

I came back from Dubai, looking fresh and fly and restocked my beauty shop. But Bode wasn’t fresh and fly as his wife had moved out from their house with the children. It was then I realized she was following me on my gram page with a fake account and was stalking me. She already knew her husband was with me in Dubai.

I decided to play safe. Bode needed some time to sort out things with his family, it was better than making things worse as it was already is. Well, his wife returned two weeks later with the children and I visited Bode again.


I didn’t pick Joseph calls again even when it was clear he didn’t do anything wrong. But I was too emotional to let that incident slide. I mean we had sex. Friends don’t have sex, do they?. I wanted a fresh start, a new start of Love. I know I was going to find. I smiled as I walked towards the table of two, Kayode was smiling at me. I smiled back. I hope I find that, which I am looking for.


This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here

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