I am Odinioha N. Favour Angel, a Nigerian youth, a girl, and I have a little story to tell.

John is a handsome, tall, well built young man. Those biceps, jeez; I could go the whole day talking about, sitting gorgeously on his dark skin. He’s fluent in English, amazing dress sense, and oh my, the icing on the chocolate cake – he’s smart; every girl on campus’ dream.

Lovelyn – quiet, smart, beautiful with a well structured and finely sculptured oval face and cheek bones, all in a shiny dark skin. Least I forget, she sings too.

John and Lovelyn become friends, really close friends. Days, months, years and John gets really ‘fond’ of her and can’t stop thinking about her. Caleb and Nosa – John’s friends know how much John loves Lovelyn – how guys roll innit? And would always make fun of him; they can’t just wrap their heads around why their friend can’t express himself to the girl he loves which happens to be the first since they got into school. Even when they had set up dates, John wouldn’t just man-up!

Months to the end of 300 level, Lovelyn would always talk about Jide; some guy she had recently met who was on her matter. Still John said nothing of his feelings. Lovelyn begins to come around for Jide, from friends to, “we’re just friends”, John still said nothing, and finally to lovers; Jide had asked Lovelyn to be a part of his life. Mehn! This broke John’s heart, he loved Lovelyn, he always did. He had always bought her gifts, took her out, etc. but she was now someone else’s . “Why didn’t she come around, I gave green lights, how could this have happened, what went wrong?” John always asked himself until one day, he finally decides to talk to Lovelyn.

“I had a thing for you too John, but you didn’t say anything. I waited until I couldn’t wait any longer”, Lovelyn said. “But the gifts Lovelyn, the time outs, the long hours on phone talking, WhatsApp chats, video calls, all that Lovelyn, and more!”Yes John all that but you said nothing, you didn’t think I’d just assume and act on assumptions did you?”…and my story ends😉.

See guys, “If you want it, go for it”. Not all ladies would see the signs and green lights. Some would see and not understand while some would see and understand but in all, we just want you to come plain politely, TALK!

Don’t be like John! You wouldn’t want another brother overtake you in getting the one you love. In reality, some guys have lost the ‘girl of their dreams‘ because they wouldn’t just Talk! And ladies, it’s no wrong to ask if he is attracted to you as you are to him and let him make the move.

Gents, if you get a ‘No’ at first, keep pushing, but wisely and if the ‘No’ is consistent, you did your best, MOVE ON!


This article was written by Odinioha, N. Favour Angel ; connect with her on IG here


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