2018 started on a high note with the Shaku Shaku dance. This dance featuring a number of viral videos is now a trendy discourse.  It is a Nigerian dance but is gradually garnering disciples from other African countries and even the diaspora.

In recent years, it is a ritual in contemporary African music scenario that new dances are introduced by artists to blow the minds of fans. Because of this, African music lovers are always on the lookout for the latest dance steps. Whether it is fanciful or not, they just want to learn and in most cases, slay with it.

The new dance graces every concert and party. It becomes the much talked about trend and those who have mastered its theatrics brag and go as far as doing videos that end up going viral.

In 2017, dances like One Corner, Wo, Wololo, Iskaba made the streets buzz all over Africa as viral videos were seen of music lovers displaying their artistry in these dances. This is why to some people, African music lovers, especially, 2017 was quite eventful. These dances took away our minds from the crisis that rocked most African countries.

Shaku Shaku, is a street dance, this means if you are not ready to lose your cool, and calm temperament then this dance is not yours. The moves are quite energetic. One cannot feast on a light food to dance Shaku Shaku, impossible!

The slang, Shaku-Shaku became popular last year when Nigerian singer, DammyKrane released a song with the title but he is not the originator of the dance.

The dance is said to have started from the bustling streets of Agege, Lagos State in Nigeria. Agege Streets are energetic with lots of activities. It is no surprise that Shaku Shaku reflects the  place of its birth.

A number of Nigerian artists have taken it upon themselves to slay with this trendy street craze. They have decided to “Shaku-Shaku” with their fans.

Davido, danced Shaku Shaku to Zlatan Ibile’s “My body” holding a bottle of Hennessy. Opinions were divided, some felt he did well and a few felt he just wanted showing off with his bottle of Hennessy. 

The queen of Mavin Records, Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, was seen dancing Shaku Shaku in the comfort of her home and she nailed it. 

No artist has done justice to this dance than SlimCase, whose voice is a perfect fit to the dance.

In this dance, the legs and hands do the majority of the work. In most cases, the leg goes sideways and the hands cross each other, there is also the leg over moves, the bend-down moves etc. Those with stamina and flexible bodies have all the advantage.

If you really want to be a grand Shaku Shaku master you have to lose your best behavior and home training. The advent of the Shaku Shaku dance has birthed craziness on the streets as every Nigerian wants to do the dance.


This article was written by JB Mairubutu; connect with him on IG here

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