Sensei Uche is one personality that likes to stir things up. Anyone close to him or who have ever encountered him would attest to the fact that this ever bubbling tall handsome looking dude is fun to be around with. His programs on radio are an expression of his being in reality.

Born and bred in the Apapa area of Lagos State, Uchechukwu Daniel Agbai didn’t stumble into the world of presenting by mere chance; his journey is one he carefully created for himself albeit through dedication and hardwork which started for him at a very tender age of 11. Even at eleven, Uche had always listened to radio most especially at news hours; his listening to radio became a normal routine for him and subsequently became a passion for him. He chose to horn his skills in that light by studying Communication Technology at the Lagos State University which might seem way off for him but in actual sense he deliberately choose that line knowing fully well Communication Technology encompasses every aspects of broadcasting.

Describing his growing days as fun, Sensei was a base guitarist and was doing music solely in churches going from one church to the other with his band; interesting he has a couple of singles out there which he deliberately put out for people to have a feel of his music side and for him that gives him happiness.

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His first shot at radio came for him when he was 24 years old and it was with Inspiration FM; surprisingly it was a live radio talent show been organized by Dan Foster and Titi and he got called to audition and ended up being the runner up. After a while he moved over to Classic FM where he stayed for another 5 months and when City FM became operations, he was the amongst the first OAPs who kick started the radio.

Aside hosting shows on radio, Sensei Uche was at a time the National Ambassador for Close-Up Salsa competition where he toured the most cities in the country and hosted the events held in each of these cities. He hosted the popular Industry Nite for a while alongside Jimmie and lately he has been the best option hosting for top notch events within the country. His love for art birthed the “Sensei” in his name which means master of a craft and with his enchanting persona; Sensei Uche is one master when it comes to presenting.

He also has a flare for acting and he acted in stage plays at the National Theatre; he also had starred in two movies which are yet to be released but have been completed. His inability to continue acting lies in the dedication he has chosen to give his presenting career.


First Published In Tush Magazine Issue 12

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