Culture has been changing with the speed of light and we keep on adapting to its every facet. Like a patient with Multiple Personality Disorder, you never know what you are going to wake up to. We have seen boot cut jeans being fashionable, become outdated and overtime become a ‘must have’ again. In other cases, some things just never become relevant again; synthetic wigs lost the fight to human hair, in fact, the ‘bone straight’ saga took the hassle to another level. What is now considered ‘on-flick makeup’ was definitely not on the radar five years ago, all thanks to our fashion icons for continually raising the bar.

This ever evolving dynamic does not leave out the entertainment industry as creatives in this field have dappled between ‘sense’ and ‘cruise’ cultures as their audience demands. The recent visibility clips from ‘Aki and Pawpaw’ have gotten, especially now that memes are a thing, is testament to a possible cultural shift. Without a doubt, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze created most of the Nollywood movies that graced and lighted up our childhoods. However, just when we thought we were moving towards creating movies that addresses key societal issues like human trafficking, drug abuse, child abuse, bad governance, rape and other forms of sexual abuse, Nigerians said “Hol up! Y’all are getting too serious for our liking.”

Citation remains the most recent Nollywood production that brought light to sexual abuse from lecturers and put that topic in the conversations. As Viola Davis, the Oscar-winning actress said, the true importance of art is to make us feel less alone and that is what such movies does for victims and families of individuals that have experienced such ills. By giving the subject visibility, they feel heard and seen. From past trends, it does seem that even if our melodramatic, comic reliefs, created for people to live in the moment and vibe to, gets its spotlight, it may not remain there for too long. As our lives have become so fast tracked, we are constantly seeking new pleasures to keep us on a continual ‘high’. Nevertheless, there are individuals who enjoy both sides of the coin so, we will leave it to the professionals who have mastered the gimmicks of the game to work their magic.

In the music scene, artistes who can are gradually changing their genre so as to stay heard. Music with rocking beats that can be danced to trends more than those with soulful lyrics. The brilliant Asa whose heartbeat is synchronized to what she does moved to Paris, the city of love, where she dominates. Few of the new artistes getting into the industry prefer not to be tagged to any niche, a smart decision to prevent them from being limited in how they can or cannot express their creative prowess. In the Nigerian entertainment industry, sense and cruise are both wins, it just depends on who you ask.

This article was written bTemitope Komolafe; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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