Almost everyone is an advocate for pleasing the customer but what do we do when the customer is wrong? There’s no scope to address the range of what the customer can do wrong. Sometimes, the customer is wrong and can make honest mistakes. The customer can also plan to take evil intentioned steps for personal reasons. Here are a few steps to take when handling a badly behaved customer. 

Remain Respectful

Don’t fall into the trap of using swear or abusive words. Don’t disrespect the customer. It’s important to note that other customers are watching. They will be on your side as long as you remain respectful. 

Focus on the issue

Focus on the issue. Being respectful allows you to focus on the issue. The customer may try to change the conversation or bring in unnecessary events but stay on the issue.  

Give the customer a voice

Let the customer have the opportunity to say their own side of the story. Listen with the goal to understand their side of the story and their perspective. They just might have a point you need to take note of. 

Take respectful legal steps 

In some cases, you may need the customer to leave your premises. Take such steps within the limits of the law. Ensure your steps are respectful and involve law enforcement if necessary. Insist that law enforcement remain respectful. 

Finally, you don’t need the customer’s apology to move on. Once the issue has been resolved and the facts are in your favour. It’s important to be the bigger person and move on.

Written by Smart Emmanuel. Emmanuel is Africa’s leading sales and brand growth strategist and product development expert. He is CEO of The Stralution Company Limited, a sales, brand growth and product development strategy firm; connect with him on Instagram here

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