Entrepreneurs and sales people focus mostly on the functionality of the product or service they sell. They assume people buy because of the value they will get from the product or service. Humans are more complex than we realize. 

One key trigger in a customer’s buying decision is the product outlook. Does the product look attractive enough? Is it beautiful? Everyone wants to own a piece of beauty. It’s why a lot of men marry beauty queens. From automobiles to mobile phones, beauty plays a strong role in what gets sold and what is ignored. Functionality is the foundation upon which beauty is built. 

Would you buy an ugly but functional phone? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but there are acceptable standards of beauty and your product or service must meet this standard and even exceed it. Sometimes, it’s a beautiful experience. A music concert with beautiful music but a badly put together hall ends up being a bad experience. Functionality is key; it’s the foundation but we must never take beauty for granted. From our promotional materials to our product or service, beauty introduces the customer to the  amazing  functionality of our product and the value of our service.

Written by Smart Emmanuel. Emmanuel is Africa’s leading sales growth and product development strategist. He is the CEO of The Stralution Company Limited, a sales growth and product development strategy firm; connect with him on Instagram here

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