A swaggering pose, a set smile, a good look and a timely click of the camera are all you need to take a perfect selfie. The right selfie, often times, is not for your eyes only. Once you have the image, filter it and post it on social media, that’s how you become a star.

The likes and compliments quickly follow as soon as your social media friends get to see the masterpiece. ‘Awww, Oh pretty, dashing xoxo’ are some of the freely given comments you would expect upon sending a nice selfie to the web. There can be one or two naysayers but it is mostly love and appreciation that you’d get, so long you took the right steps in taking the selfie. Remember: a swaggering pose, a set smile, a good look and a timely click of the camera.

Taking a selfie is usually fun, especially when it is properly done. It is a good way to spice up your social life. Whether in private moments or in the company of friends, a selfie is always good for the mood. It is one of the easily picked up habits around these days. That’s why in buses, in classrooms, at conferences, you see people taking selfies.

As a socially active individual, there’s a good chance that your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account already has one, two or is even already graced with tens of selfies; either of yourself alone or the one(s) you took with your friends. You’d be at ease to know that it is not just you, it is a culture now.

By posting a selfie on the Internet, you’re attracting the attention of your friends and maybe, sending invitation to some new ones. A good selfie post could be the start of what would turn out to be an interesting engagement. With the right caption, posting a selfie is a good way to socialise and this is perhaps why social media has become a hanging wall for a lot of selfies today.

Selfies are not just a ‘feeling myself’ thing, people actually take and store selfies to document special moments of their lives. More so, selfies might seem like a causal thing, but the sight of a beautiful selfie in a time of doubt and depression, could bring back happy memories that could change your mood. A selfie could help erase the doubt in your heart and fill it with the much needed self-belief, sometimes a simple selfie could be the magic.

I’ve heard people say that the trend of selfies is negatively steering socialites towards the path of narcissism and excessive self-admiration, but really, what most people do by sharing their selfies, is to show the sides of themselves that they would rather not keep private; like the new look they want the world to see, or the gathering that they want the world to know, happened. To most people, it’s simply a mix of fun, self-appreciation and referencing.

Interestingly, selfies are taken every day, at about anywhere, by all kinds of people. Contrary to what has been said about the trend, selfies are not taken because of a growing sense of narcissism in people, but because of the uniqueness in the way selfies allow us, humans, express ourselves, with little or no word, for as little as a pose, a facial expression and a camera click. This is the reason we’ve welcomed selfies to be part of our lives.

While we are selectively  trying to show aspects of our lives to the world, whether it is the joy that comes with self-appreciation or it is the resulting soberness of an untold mystery, whatever expression it is, we can show it to the world by simply posing, snapping and posting on the web.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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