My name is Abati Oluwadamilare Samuel, a tenacious and persistently curious young man and, proudly a Nigerian youth. It is with great despair that I tell you IT IS A SCAM.

A ten year old, with cute dreams, fresh in secondary school, has his mindset framed by movie characters, comics and action figures. Today, he watches Greys Anatomy with his parents and wants to become a doctor, a month after watches Central Intelligence and wants to become a security agent with pure black sunglasses and an unhindered access to weaponry. He grows to senior secondary school only to realize he’s afraid of blood, which is a NO to medicine; he never wants to get shot, which is NO to the security agency; he discovers computer science is not as cool as pressing a keyboard really fast and hacking into systems. His childhood dreams begin to fail him, he might then end up a microbiologist, sociologists amongst many other professions he never imagined himself diving into.

Getting into the University, he though, “I’ll graduate, get a good job, buy a nice ride, build a dope house, buy my mom and dad nice cars, marry a hottie, give birth to the cutest kids, invest and live the life in Lagos or Abuja.  Now he’s done and has graduated with a second class (upper), he’s gone for NYSC and hustled for about a year, on Passing Out, he thinks “I’ll send my CV to a LOT of companies, so in 2 – 3 months I’ll get a positive reply but while I’m waiting, let me give tailoring or shoe making a try”. He waits and still no job in 5 months, he’s all about making shoes and posting pictures online but nobody is buying as everyone already has a certain friend who makes their shoes and others would prefer designer branded shoes for the “REP SAKE”.

This story reflects how that the system is a SCAM, how fairytales are a scam, how the nation is a SCAM and most importantly how all that you’ve been taught in school from the very beginning has always been a scam; how sad and discouraging to be born and to grow in a nation like Nigeria, my usual advise would be “find every avenue to run, UK, USA, UAE, even Ghana”.

BUT! I have learned. The system is a scam, truly, maybe nothing works, and it most likely is going to be difficult but I promise you IT IS POSSIBLE for you to have dreams and achieve them. IT IS POSSIBLE to graduate and get a great job without connect. IT IS POSSIBLE to buy the cars and build the houses on a clean income.

THE WORLD MIGHT BE A SCAM BUT YOUR DREAMS, VIRTUES, AND PERSONALITY AREN’T. If you can see it, you can have it. Believe in yourself and in your dreams. I, Abati Oluwadamilare, believe in you.

This article was written by Abati Oluwadamilare Samuel; connect with him on IG here

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