The breakthrough of the female musicians in Hip-Hop music in Nigeria started with a blast. The voice of Sasha P came with the Hip-Hop energy amid male domination of Nigeria music. There is this sensation of ‘I want to rap’ Sasha’s P song appears on the radio or television, I don’t want to believe I am the only one that feels this way, most strikingly with the song ‘Adara’, the form of the song makes you believe that Nigeria will be good again having bent upon the state of the nation.

Although,  the Nigeria music industry has always had a great foundation from time, but it was only the men that ruled the Hip-Hop music until the arrival of the first lady, who turned the tables around, showcasing the art of a female in the music industry, with a genre of music that wasn’t very much acceptable at that time, that is. the rap kind of music. Her mixture of English and Yoruba language in her rap lyrics it’s so dynamic driving the flows back to back, she was truly the first lady.

 Sasha P understood her game for every song she made was a tremendous hit, winning an award with the Mtv music Africa as the first Nigerian female: while her most well-played song is “Adara” which spoke about the state of the nation ‘Nigeria’.  She made it look easy for other women to show interest in music and take up any genre of music they aspire. She had values articulating through her songs; she is a music act that should not be forgotten. 

The first lady had her kind of focus and what to preach on which made folks of 1990s generation hope more in the better Nigeria. Looking at the music industry now, there are no female rappers with such hits as Sasha P. In 2014, Sasha took a break from the music scene and switched to the fashion industry with a brand named Eclectic by Sasha.

She had major features with other rappers such as Tha Suspect in the song ‘I No Send’, General Pype ‘Champion’, Blackmagic ‘Confam’. She is more appreciated with her hit songs ‘Adara’ and ‘Emi le gan’. 

Sasha P will continually be the first lady of Nigeria Hip-Hop music.

This article was written by Temitayo Adekoya; connect with her on Instagram via here

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