Not much is known about the screen goddess – Samantha Walsh, an on-air personality with MTV Base and also an event host. Contrary to what one may think, she is a very private person and seems to be very careful of what she puts out on social media. This trait piqued the interest of Tush Magazine and so we had to take a trip to the Lekki home of this damsel to find out more about her.

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Of international descent, born to a British father and South African mother, Samantha was born and raised in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. Though she had her primary education in a lot of places outside the country because of her mum’s frequent travels, she had her secondary school education in Jos and her university education at the American University, Yola, Adamawa state.

Samantha Walsh is also a single mother. She had a child during her university days. She admits that though it wasn’t easy, she had told herself that she was never going to have an abortion and so she had to keep the baby. “The emotions were a rollercoaster, but the blessings overshadowed the darkness”, she said.

It is no surprise that I am where I am today”, she says because growing up, she was very outspoken at home. Also, she had always wanted to work on radio. So while in Jos, she interned at Rhythm FM and when she finally finished school, she took up a job at Hot FM before going on to Kiss FM both in Abuja. Speaking about her love for radio, “People think it is very easy, but there are quite a lot of tricks to it and it requires a lot of work, but then again, you don’t have to get dressed up for radio, you don’t have to put on makeup etc.” Moving from Abuja to Lagos was about money to her, because for her line of career, there weren’t many events in Abuja compared to Lagos.

About her skin color, she says “I never wanted to get a job because of what I look like, I wanted to get a job because of what I could do and that is why I thought radio would work for me”. According to her, people would say “oh, you are pretty and you talk a lot. Why don’t you just present?” and that wasn’t really what she wanted. She wanted the jobs because she was qualified. She eventually had to go on TV because most of the opportunities that came her way were for TV.

She never had a problem trying to be noticed in the industry, because people were always receptive to her. “People paid a lot of attention to you if you were light skinned or mixed breed and though that could be good, it could also be bad.”

She describes her everyday life as adrenaline filled. Though there are days when she would be home throughout the day,  there are days when she has to be at work for 9 am and not be back till about 3am. When she isn’t working, she is hanging out with her friends, or just indoors. It would interest you to know that Samantha loves to swim in her spare time, she also loves hosting friends at home, loves travelling and playing with her son.

Speaking about publicity that comes with her brand, she says she tries not to think so much about the publicity and the fact that she gets attention. She adds that once you start overthinking things, and then it starts getting to your head, your life then becomes about how you cannot go to this place, or how you cannot do this or that which is way too much thought. Her growing up in Jos, made her humble; listing out celebrities who grew up in Jos like Tuface, MI, being humble. Although she talked about how people say negative things on social media, she also added that she treats it like she treats every other thing, by not paying attention to it. She emphasized that contrary to public opinion about celebrities having thick skin, they don’t and terrible, hurtful comments get to them. It takes a lot to not be emotional, she says. Getting more personal, she spoke about being in a relationship but refused to disclose with whom

When asked what she felt about the entertainment industry now and where it is coming from, she replied that she feels the entertainment industry is growing and it keeps getting better. Talking about how we are fast becoming better and that now, international acts can come in and fit in which wasn’t the case before. “It can only get better”.

In the next five years, she plans to have a talk show, and also be a certified chef.

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