Born Chukwudike Roger, Rogerlino was born and bred in Port Harcourt in the late 90’s. a graduate of Statistics from Imo State University, Rogerlino started his musical journey professionally in 2017 when he was initially signed to Nu Comrades Entertainment, before his recent bold move to Triple MG. 

In this interview with our correspondent, he shares his visions and lessons with us and what it means for him, stepping into the big shoes Tekno left behind in the label. 

“My name is Rogerlino, I am from Imo State though I was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I am a graduate of Statistics from Imo State University where I met DJ Chibinho who signed me to his Nu Comrades Label in 2017 and when he developed a good working relationship with Ubi Franklin, he opened the doors for me by introducing me and my music to Ubi and that was how I got signed to Triple MG,” he revealed. 

Commenting on “Time,” his new single that is currently making waves, the artist affirmed thus: “I was inspired to do a newer version when I heard the original version done by the legendary Mike Okiri, my label obtained legal rights and the rest is history. Basically, the song is hinged on my life philosophy of how time rewards consistency and hard work. It is my sincere message for every youth out there to be mindful of time, to use it properly and also be patient for their good rewards.”

Asked if he feels threatened by the big impact Tekno made on the label and if he can really fit in and be counted, he says: “I believe Tekno did well and I see the challenges ahead but I can assure you that I was born ready. Yes, I can fit in and also do well, I won’t fail my fans, my label and every other person that has invested to help me go this far. So yes, I can do it and I’m not scared,” he assured. 

Rogerlino also commented on the growth of Nigerian music industry and thanked all those making efforts to see that the label grows bigger and expands to accommodate more and more people. He believes that the key to getting recognized in the industry is originality and consistency and sooner or later, the world gets to pay attention.

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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