Ever visited a football viewing center? If you do, then probably the most said phrase during your time stay must have been “put your money where your mouth is”. Nigerian sports lovers have become so confident or would I say daring with their favourite teams that they can afford to stake money on them.

The oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines betting as “the act of risking money on the unknown result of an event, in this case sport”; it also defines gambling as the “the activity of playing games of chance for money”. Clearly the definitions of the two words are quite similar but the phrase that distinguishes them can be found in the definition of Gambling “…playing games of chance

In Nigeria, we have seen different betting platforms springing up owing to the fact that there are more gamblers than bet stakers. Prior before this era, the most popular gambling/betting games were coupons, lottos, baba ijebu and the others but with the influx of affordable satellite decoders, more sports lovers evolved and the need to prove confidence in their favourite team became relevant.

Akin Alabi’s Naira Bet took advantage of the online community becoming the first ever respected online betting platform in Nigeria. Though respected, Nigerians were scared of staking money online as we were still trying to come to terms with the e-world.

Fast forward few years later, the betting market became quite competitive as more well funded betting platforms sprang up, one of such platform is 1960BET. They came into the market, enlightened more people and raised the standard of betting in Nigeria.

Naira Bet has been existing for approximately over five (5) years but very few people stake money via their platforms but with the recent awareness of 1960BET coupled with their enlightening programs on radio stations across Nigeria, more people became interested in staking bets; after due analyzing and dialoguing about betting and gambling.

The discoveries weren’t far-fetched: BETTING IS GOOD FOR YOU: GAMBLING IS BAD FOR YOU! Betting thus became another avenue to explore thinking faculties, learning more about history of different football clubs and proving confidence in your favorite teams.

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