With the overnight boom in the number of millionaires springing up on social media, it’s pretty easy to find yourself wallowing in a bowl of self pity with a dash of self doubt for taste. Count on your fingers the number of times you’ve wondered when you’ll “make it” or the number of times you’ve compared yourself with your “peers”. I say “peers” with quotes because I truly do not believe we have peers or mates. Everyone is called to his specific journey. But I digress. Time and again we find our thoughts towing this line. Here are reasons why I think you shouldn’t freak out just because you aren’t listed on the Forbes 25 under 25 millionaires yet.

Reason number 1: Your journey is your own. Comparing yourself to others is an exercise in futility and one lacking of wisdom because your life is tailor-made for you and no one else. Fashioning your life after someone else is taking for granted the uniqueness of your story. No one was born under the same circumstances as you, have had the exact same experiences you’ve had or can see things the way you do. So why would you get yourself in a frenzy because your ‘peer’ figured it out under 25 and you haven’t.

There’s no set time to ‘blow’. In case you haven’t heard, Henry Ford, Julia Child, Jeff Bezos and a myriad others all ‘made it’ above 30. Harland Sanders franchised KFC at 62 and President Muhammadu Buhari became president at 73. So ease off the pressure you are placing on yourself.

Let’s not focus on the destination alone, the journey is equally important. We sometimes stress so much about where we ought to be we miss out on the joys of where we currently are. What’s the point of trying to get somewhere if we miss out on the sights along the road? Don’t be so stressed about making it that you miss out on being young, wild and free.

Worrying and wondering about it doesn’t make it come any faster. Freaking out about not making it won’t get you that job interview or get your work noticed. Worrying is a dead end that leads nowhere. So take a breather and be grateful. Make a plan, write out your goals and set out to hit them.

Another reason you should consider taking a chill pill about ‘making it’ is you might not be mature enough to handle your success. Harsh, but true. Ever heard the story of the man who got instant riches but crashed and burned within a year? There are lessons of patience and wisdom to be learned in the process. There are also relationships to be built in the process. Don’t skip the process.

There’s a 30 under 30 list and even a 50 under 50 list. You can make up your own list. So stop freaking out, you’ll be just fine.


This article was written by Choice Uwumwomse; connect with her on IG here

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