The duo of Peter & Paul Okoye [ PSquare ] used to be like two peas of a pod. The two put together, used to record raving songs and then compliment their songs with breathtaking visuals. Their stage performances used to be nothing short of magical and for more than one decade, this twin brothers travelled across Africa and to other parts of the world, entertaining their fans with the gifts of providence. Overtime, fans learnt that one is a better dancer and the other is better at music composition and singing, but it remained entertaining to fans how the two complimented each other. It must have been a union made in heaven and meant to last forever (most fans must have thought).

But a saying goes that, all good things must come to an end. The end of the music partnership between two of Africa’s favourite singing brothers, Peter & Paul Okoye, was confirmed with the recent announcement by Peter that he would be flying a solo career. Peter, the half of the two brothers that appears more social, said that, ‘I am on my own’ and this confirms the suspicion of seething animosity between the two. The confirmatory statement comes, following several signs of discord and rift between the two, like the cancellation of scheduled tours to North American countries and the trade of social media shades.

In the past, groups likes Remedies, Plantashion Boiz, Styl-Plus have split but PSquare looked like one group with an unbreakable bond. It was believed that since the same blood runs through the veins of Peter & Paul Okoye, their bond is thicker and perhaps indestructible.The group managed several bond threatening issues over their long spanning period of togetherness, especially in the later years, and each time they threaten to breakup and then reunite, it seems the bond grows stronger than it was previously. In fact, one could have concluded that the worst of PSquare was in the past until the recent turn of events showed that Peter & Paul are indeed flying away in different directions. Here are 5 reasons I think it is best for Peter & Paul Okoye to pursue their music careers separately:

The PSquare Internal Crisis Is Unending

Before now, PSquare had maintained a near controversy free career for almost two decades and for most part of it, the two brothers maintained a cordial relationship. However, in recent times it seems the two brothers cannot stay away from each other’s throat. It is either it is a rift linked to their wives or squabbles over money or business related issues. Then it graduates to series of social media rants, subliminal messages and shades. Not once, not twice, PSquare was on the brink of breaking up but somehow the brothers find ways to hash out their problems and continue as one entity, albeit not as complimentary as they used to be in their early days. The group has not put on the best form of late and it seems the two brothers are only struggling to keep together a group divided against itself. From the words of Abraham Lincoln and from experience, we know it won’t stand forever.

To Separate Business From Family

There should be the clear line of distinction between family and business. It is usually good for business and it reduces the happenstance of a rift that threatens the family bond. The PSquare relationship has always been a mix of family and business, but they managed it properly for a long period until now. However, the split affords them the opportunity to go about their businesses separately while they still keep their family bond intact (or at least that’s what I expect from them). PSquare can split, with Mr.P (Peter) pushing his music separately and Rudeboy (Paul) doing his thing on his own but it shouldn’t affect the relationship of Peter & Paul Okoye as brothers.

They Can Now Operate As The Individuals That They Are

Fans and lovers of PSquare must have dreaded the time when the two brothers have to split to pursue solo music careers. It is difficult to imagine them as two different characters, as against the one entity that most fans have known them to be over the years. But even with their ties and bond, Peter and Paul are two separate individuals. Two individuals that cannot have the same ideas, perspectives or opinions all the time. There has to be differences in perspectives from time to time between any two persons and for PSquare, these differences have led to this messy situation where dirty linens are dried in the public eye of social media. It is evident that the two feel strongly about opposing views and as such, it has affected their business and personal relationship. If they cannot find common grounds on issues, then it might be better for the two to run their businesses separately but maintain their brotherly relationship.

PSquare As A Group Might Have Reached The Plateau

The duo of Peter & Paul Okoye formed a dominant music force in Africa over the years. The love for the group extends outside of Nigeria to other African countries and even reaches Europe and America. PSquare is a group known for consistent hit musicals and they used to hold the power to lead an expectant audience into wildly cheering group of fans, with their blend of energetic and spirited musical performances. However, the duo have only managed to sustain the tempo they have set for themselves in the past, in the years of continental hit musical releases. Their best musical offerings came in the days when Do Me, Temptation, E no easy, Personally were released. From an objective view, PSquare seems to have reached the plateau of their music career and perhaps Peter & Paul Okoye need to reinvent themselves to be able to compete in this rapidly evolving African music sphere.

Peter & Paul Okoye Need To Reinvent Themselves

Except one is a sycophant, it is agreeable that PSquare offered their best works in the past. Of late, most of their offerings have only been enjoying the ‘PSquare goodwill’ from fans. We must admit that our favourite music group needs a new spark – I’d prefer the word reinvention. Of course I mean something new – a new strategy.

For PSquare splitting and pursuing music careers as individuals might be the new sparks for the two brothers. They do not necessarily have to restrict themselves to being performing artistes. The two brothers are among the richest and most successful artistes in Africa and so, they have the resources to venture into other businesses and the first option they have is the business where they have about fourteen years of experience – the music business. Asides from being performing artistes, Peter & Paul Okoye could function in the position of label executives or they could separately own talent management companies. This would make them work with more new generation artistes and perhaps develop a form of mutually beneficial relationship with these millennials, where either of the two brothers can use there relationship with younger artistes to stay in-tune with the demands of the fans, while they also mentor the younger artiste to prominence.

In the end, the breakup of the PSquare relationship isn’t the end of the road for Peter & Paul Okoye and it is good that they both know this. However, while they chart different courses as artistes, they should maintain a healthy relationship as brothers. Regardless of the differences, the betrayal (maybe) or the cheating; forgiveness and tolerance are important virtues to keep any family together. It’s surprising that I would be saying this to the twin brothers that have delighted music lovers in Africa for over a decade, that above all, family comes first.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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