It is no new tale of giving up on the massive six figure dreams by the ripe age of twenty two as a youth to face supposed reality and put on the tie.

Most of the time these youths are either held bound by financial realities, the idea of chasing a career in let us say photography starts to sound absurd by the time they realize how much a complete photography kit cost. Some are unfortunately caught up in the headspace where they fear disappointment from family, failure and public ridicule.

There is always a beginning for everything, and any successful person that tells you he or she had a smooth start is nothing but a hell bound liar. Our society today doesn’t recognize the fact that not everybody is meant to be a lawyer or a doctor, or even an engineer, some people are very good with a camera and have this dream of becoming a professional one day. Some are fantastic with the guitar and are simply breathtaking in the studio.

A wise man once said, “First they will ridicule you, then they will ask you why you are doing it, and finally they will ask you how you did it” this is one statement that greatly moves me. It is unfortunate that most of these dreams are abandoned because of the pressure from parents and relatives. Many parents today actually cheat nature by living two lives or sometimes even more. When a sixty years old man forces his son who wants to do music to become a lawyer claiming he thinks that is what is best for him, he is actually living two lives, it is important that people begin to see the bigger picture that there is a clear difference between a talent and a hobby, it is ok that John is great at playing piano but doesn’t mean his purpose in life is to become Beethoven, because Cynthia looks like a doctor doesn’t mean that she wants to be a doctor. I mean because you didn’t get a chance to study veterinary medicine in your youth doesn’t mean James would like to treat and take care of animals all his life. Have you ever stopped pushing them for a moment and asked them what they really want to do because not everyone would like to wake up by 7 am everyday just to go help someone else achieve his dream so he keeps giving you a check every month.

A person who didn’t live a fun life will sit at his veranda at age seventy even with all his achievements and wealth and he will ask himself whether he lived for himself or he lived for someone else. Trust me when I say the last thing you want is realizing you haven’t really lived and then in order to compensate yourself you relive through your children and the cycle continues.

So go ahead take all the ridicule, take all the insults, what doesn’t kill you makes you a hell lot stronger, fight for what you believe in as long as you know that is what you want and that is your purpose. Do not compare yourself with Billy next door who is in college but can’t even define the concept of his course, because a fraction of a second differentiates you from every other person on earth.

Always remember that hard work pays and taking risks is something that every person must do in order to succeed in life. A winner is a looser who tried one more time, because if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t quit school there won’t be Facebook. If Bill Gates had given up he would probably be working for someone like the rest of us are doing, helping someone achieve his own dream and adopting his as well so he keeps giving us that check at the end of every month. What an unfortunate situation. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all” said Zuckerberg.

A man at seventy could always go back to school and achieve a P.H.D but can a seventy year old stage dive, chase your dreams but go to school, it is what distinguishes you as a human being and makes you civilized enough to deserve the top of the food chain.


This article was written by Nwogbo Chibuike.

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