A few weeks ago, it was made known to us that the country has officially gone into recession which we all read in the dailies and heard on national TV stations. We all know that it has been long coming; with the high cost of living made happened by a naira that would not stop taking dips against the dollar, falling standards of living which only gets worse by the day. We all know that we live in a country where plans are never made for her citizens and as such, most times, we have to fend for ourselves.

Here is what I think people under 30 years of age can do to make a change in not just the economy, but also in our lives.


  • We need to stop focusing on gossip and start lending our ears to national matters. The other day, I held a conversation on what is happening in the country with a couple of people and I couldn’t believe the ignorance that kept coming out of their mouths in form of words. More seriously, it would not be bad if we listen to the news, watch floor proceedings, and read a newspaper every day and the likes. We are youths and leaders of tomorrow but how are we supposed to lead if we do not read or even take note of our country’s affairs.


  • Buy Nigerian To Grow The Naira: I can’t emphasize this enough. Yes! we love them Yeezy’s and Versace but the naira is in huge problems and cannot or would not be saved if we didn’t try to engage her more. We need to encourage SMEs, by buying from them. Spending our naira inside our own country, rather than buying foreign items would be a great boost.


  • Invest, Invest, Invest: I do not mean the kind of investment that comes in stocks and bonds. You all have friends that are planning to start businesses but the one thing holding them back is capital. Why not invest in their ideas rather than spend all that money at the next bar. Investing in SMEs would be one way you are sure to reap from in the long run. Meet a lawyer; draw out an agreement on how much your returns would be. And watch your money grow, while you grow the economy in your own little way.


  • Cut down: I am sorry, but it is time to cut down. Cut down on expenses that are not necessary. Draw out a budget at the beginning of every month and follow it through. Trust me; you would see a marked decrease in the way your money leaves your pocket.


  • Lend A Voice: What do you do on your social media platforms? Is it all talks about boobs, ass and nudes? Things need to change starting with you. Engage more on topics affecting your country, the economy and politics. This brings me to my first point – if you only read gossip, you would have nothing but gossip to pour out. You need to read, engage and lead. It would shock you how many 30-year-olds are empty headed on national affairs. Change begins with you and me. Also, our artistes need to start lending a voice on political matters. Most youths look up to you as an artiste, help impact their lives in your own little way by voicing out your strong opinions about the government.


  • Work, work, work, work, and work: If your hands find something to do, do it. Don’t just sit at home and lament about how much less you earn these days. Go out and work. Work for free if you have to. Sitting at home would not do you any good. It is in your going out that you meet people with the right connections to help you. So stand up, leave E! alone and look for something to do that would push you out into the eyes of the world. What brand are you looking to grow for yourself? This is the time to focus more on doing that.


Written by Blessing Iyamadiken; Culled from Issue 14

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