Aundrey Ricks meets with J. Alexander Martin (at FUBU Headquarters located in New York, NY) about his Raw Impact Lifestyle Brand. Martin is an owner and representative of FUBU, alongside Shark Tank’s very own Daymond John. One thing that got Mr. Ricks motivated to start his brand Raw Impact was the ABC hit show Shark Tank.

Aundrey being a former basketball player he felt he can relate to Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban when it comes down to sports business knowledge.  But, when it comes down to urban clothing he knew that Daymond John and J. Alexander Martin was the key!

Ricks is a young and grateful entrepreneur from Detroit, MI who plans on continuing his journey through any means necessary. As an adolescent he was always interested in fashion. Money for name brand clothing was scarce at that time however he still made the most out of what he had.

Today he brings that same mentality to business and provides a unique perspective on how to make a business grow. 

In addition, to providing a fresh perspective to business he also provides a profound amount of intensity when it comes to making business deals. He was a standout at Detroit Pershing High School and also at the University of Western Michigan and brings the tenacity from the court into his drive for success in business. 

These strategies for success were put on full display with the start of the Raw Impact clothing brand. Shirts and merchandise sales skyrocketed. The demand for Raw Impact merchandise soon took over the high school and college market. It didn’t stop there because interest in the shirts soon permeated to professional athletes as well. While at a NBA Read-to-Achieve Event one of the players praised Andre’s shirt and wanted to know where he could purchase it. This then had a ripple effect and led to professional athletes requesting for merchandise and wearing the brand. 

 The Raw Impact brand is taking off and has the attention of everyone from athletes to celebrities.

He feels like he is fulfilling his mission. As a kid, he dreamed of having his own sports facilities, and being able to help the pro athletes as well as the youth.  Players all over the country come to this gym to get better and hold his facility in high regards. In regards to Mr. Ricks he quotes,  “I love to see people smile, it makes me have a brighter day.”

Overall, he’s thankful to have had the opportunity to talk business with entrepreneurs that paved the way. He is a true motivation to young entrepreneurs and gives an excellent blueprint. Ricks has always stepped out on the leap of faith to make his dreams come true.  

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