Joke Silva is one of Nollywood’s most revered veteran actors. With a two-decade long career in the industry, Joke Silva has earned the respect and accolades she has today. She’s one of those actors that age like wine, only getting better with time. Although a lot of her recent roles have all been mother roles, it’s not quite easy to play a convincing mother. Here’s a ranking of a few of Joke Silva’s films available on Netflix.


Light in the Dark follows the story of an intertribal couple,  (Rita Dominic) and     (.  ),  who suffers an armed robbery attack that rocks the fate of their whole marriage. Joke Silva plays the role of Rita’s supportive and open-minded mother. As a mother, she was pivotal in helping her daughter recover from the trauma she went through during the distressing robbery attack. In terms of delivery, embodiment and overall performance I would rate it a 8/10.


For some reason I thought this film was going to be about some JJC who has just 2 weeks to experience all Lagos has to offer and to my disappointment it was nothing like that….at all. The film followed the story of a couple destined by God to be married but are faced by obstacles caused by political aspirations. Joke Silva played the role of Mrs. Chukwuemeka, the wife of a wealthy politician with presidential aspirations and mother to Keme (Mawuli Gavor). Her character in this film was a detour from her caring-loving mother roles. She was willing to sell off her sons happiness and future to fulfil her husband’s political ambitions. In terms of delivery, embodiment and overall performance I would rate it a 9/10.


Citation follows the story of Moremi (Temi Otedola), a graduate student at Obafemi Awolowo University, who takes on a professor who assaulted her. Joke Silva played a seemingly motherly role as she served as an official from an anti-rape NGO dedicated to Moremi’s case. However her character didn’t have that much screen time to deliver any striking performance. In terms of delivery, embodiment and overall performance I would rate it a 7.5/10.

Rating these films weren’t so tasking as Joke Silva isn’t really one to fumble a role. I believe acting is so second nature to her, failure really isn’t in her purview.

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