I started this article thinking I’m the real mama of Ndani TV, having watched a lot of their web series and all. But for good measure I decided to just do a deep dive to the start of their youtube channel and boy did I discover some gems. These guys have been in the game for far so long and it’s no longer a wonder why they run it. Here’s my ranking of six Ndani webseries.


Considerably one of Ndani’s worst shows ( I hate to be the one to say this). I have no choice but to place it here in this ranking. When season 1 of this released I was more than excited to start binge watching another Ndani show. However, the more I watched, the less interested I got in it. Yes, it had really good cinematography, art design and costume, but the story wasn’t that great compared to some of Ndani’s other shows. The series had it’s cute romantic moments that made me blush but asides from that I found it hard to connect to anyone of the characters.


Game on is one of Ndani’s most recent Web Series and it’s one of the good ones. The one-season show follows the drama filled lives of four friends and their relationships. When I first watched the trailer I wasn’t so excited because I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The series posters were all basketball themed and i wasn’t sure if it was a sports related show (it was pretty confusing). I was also pretty excited to watch Omawunmi Dada’s performance because that woman be ACTING.


This is one of Ndani’s peculiar shows. I ranked it fourth not because it’s THE best but I love the uniqueness of it. It follows this sort of POV camera technique that puts the viewer in the center of the action. If you’ve watched it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Chattering a danfo bus that turns out to be one chance, this is a story many of us have unfortunately personally experienced. A good out of the box storytelling method from Ndani.


This is one of Ndani’s newest series. It was an interesting journey of a JJC who gets involved in some of the crooked schemes in Lagos. I felt it was a good show, something to keep you on your toes for a while and then get over quickly. I’m hoping it gets picked up for another season or so and they fully develop some of the characters we’ve already been introduced to.


Undoubtedly one of Ndani’s most progressive series, RHI has gone through different eras in its different seasons. I feel this show only got better by each season. I lowkey hate the fact they constantly cut off characters by the season but my nostalgia towards the previous season is always easily overcome by the drama the current season has. Honestly a top watch on Ndani.


We have the country’s favourite Web Series, Skinny Girl in Transit. Everyone knows someone who has watched or is currently watching this. Ndani roped our hearts into the lives of Tiwa and her family and we just couldn’t get enough. SGIT is also one of their longest series with a total of five seasons. If it was up to us viewers, they’d be on season 9 by now lol. However, knowing when to stop is very important and I do appreciate the creators for respecting the story and ending it when they did.

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