I thought I watched a decent amount of Nollywood movies in 2021 but while compiling the list it was almost never-ending. For the purpose of this article, I’ll be ranking just 14 random films out of the larger pool.

14. Flower Girl

If you’ve read my review of this film (if you haven’t, read here), you’ll know why this is the last on this list. It was a strange film I stumbled upon and I am currently still clueless and speechless from that watch.

13. Nneka The Pretty Serpent

If you’ve also read this review and every other *honest* review of this film out there, you’ll know why this is where it is. A mid movie with a mid plot and mid acting. Read my review here

12. A Naija Christmas

This film was actually a decent watch. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t so great either. It had good visuals and a lovely score. However, the story just didn’t give what it was supposed to be giving. I’m not trying to be too judgy but it just didn’t give.

11. Day of Destiny

One reason I really enjoyed the film was the nostalgia it gave. It was a good story, with a good cast but the execution was the only flaw. That being said, I absolutely respect and acknowledge the work and thought process that was put into the entire film. It was true creative work and you could tell everyone put in 100% to create the world that had been written in the story.

10. 2 Weeks in Lagos

I’m not sure if this film deserves to be this high up because I was pretty confused and annoyed after watching it. I don’t know, I genuinely can’t explain why it’s here.

9. Fine Wine

This was actually a really nice watch, it would have been a great watch if only Nse Ikpe Etim wasn’t trying to constantly ruin it with that accent. The film is the romantic story many of us want, a rich older man falls in love with a young pretty woman unprovoked, excuse you!! I was blushing all through the movie because I genuinely wished that was me.

8. Swallow

Also a really nice watch that really sold its audience on Nostalgia. I ranked this above D.O.D because this had better execution in my opinion. However, the film felt like nostalgia was its only selling point. In the sense of over-focusing on the details of the set i.e props and costume, rather than the story.

7. Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards

I’m equally surprised this is ranked so high but I have to be honest it was a really nice movie that allowed you to flow with it. Great acting from Nancy Isime and makes me look forward to seeing her as a lead character.

6. Rattlesnake

Although I had spoken not-so highly of Nneka the Pretty Serpent and all the other remakes Play Network had done, this one was honestly decent. Did it feel a bit too long? yes? but it was good either way. I enjoyed the narrative technique used in this film a lot and it really sets it apart from the other remakes in its boat.

5. Soólè

One reason I enjoyed this film is the fact it felt like a breath of fresh air to what Nollywood had given all year. Personally, I’m a sucker for ‘strangers who are bonded by group trauma’ movies. I adored the film even though some of the plot twists felt rather unnecessary.

4. Ije

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know this is a really old film but it doesn’t stop it from being better than the numerous films that actually came out in 2021. Thank God for streaming platforms because I may have never gotten the chance to watch this beauty. The Blood Sisters duo team up as sisters again in this crime drama. The acting and storytelling in this film is *chefs kiss*

3. Gone

A movie in its own lane entirely. This film kept me hooked all through as it was a fresh story being told. It’s much different from what other Nollywood films keep selling to us. A good story with good visuals, great casting and great performances.

2. Ojukokoro

Don’t judge, this was an excellent film made up of actors that I absolutely love watching on screen. Seun Ajayi, Charles Etubiebe, Tope Tedela, and Somkele Iyamah are actors that are outstanding but I hardly ever see around, so whenever I get to see them in a film my respect for them and the film skyrocket. Asides from the cast, it had an interesting story and a more interesting storytelling technique.

1. Confusion Na Wa

Not sure you can tell but I’m a sucker for indie films. It’s no surprise that this is my number 1 film even though it’s like 9 years old. I’m still in awe of it as the first night I watched it (check out my initial thoughts here). It’s a brilliant film with brilliant actors and brilliant directing, what exactly is there not to love?

Certainly looking forward to compiling a list like this again at the end of the year. Will any of these films reappear? Will I be so blown away by the movies I watch? Let’s watch and see!

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