The idea of quick money has been embedded in the mind of most youths. Everyone wants to make money quickly regardless of the means by which it comes. That’s a huge reason why this yahoo stuff is rampant.  I understand what a lot of them are thinking, why struggle to find a job or start up something when you can easily make thousands and millions from duping people regardless of the lives that are destroyed in the process.

Social media also plays a huge role in all these. Young people of these days are living for the gram. They  go online and see beautiful pictures of people and it looks like they have everything going for them. The likes and massive followers. They’re wondering what they’re not doing right or something they’re missing and that is when they resort to illegal means of making money.

Social media for one, has it’s advantages and disadvantages. So it’s left for people to decide how they want it to affect their lives. Ah! Lest I forget, the runs babes and the slay mama’s who are breaking the internet. It all started from the desire to make quick money and show off .

Should we blame it on the government?. Should we accuse Buhari who called Nigerian youths lazy?. I for one do not think they’re lazy. Do you think it’s easy to jump from one bed to another, travel from one state to another all in the name of making money. It’s also not easy to do rituals for money, or the raining thing now. Using  girls pants for rituals so they can buy Benz even when they know their life is on the line. I call it misplaced priorities. Because if you really think about it, they’re actually hustling but in the wrong way.

So even though the government has played a role in all this, the blame isn’t entirely on them. You should also blame the people who have decided to go through illegal and immoral ways to make money.

Perhaps if the government steps up things might change. But as the saying goes,” CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU “ .

This article was written by Anosike Amarachi; connect with her on IG here

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