Starting a new business comes with great challenges that require careful planning and coordination. Activities are supposed to be designed and executed in manners that will result in success. While selection of people are not to be done based on narrow assessment of their competence which can lead to haphazard allocation of roles and responsibilities, consideration should be given to areas such as:


Specialization helps to easily bring forth ease, speed and quality output. Team members should be placed in areas where they can function without hassles especially when a startup’s budget is not much.


The zeal to keep moving forward and also exhibit total dedication or commitment to the task ahead of the team is very sacrosanct. This is a very important quality that every member of a team should exhibit especially those occupying key roles to enable them inspire and influence subordinates.

Team Player

A team player is someone who will easily get along with other members in the group to work towards the achievement of collective goals; team players not only relate easily with other team members but are also committed to aiding other towards realizing their full potentials.


Smart people are very creative and can always come up with initiatives to get around challenging tasks. Their inputs are always useful and they function with little or no supervision.


At the budding stage of most businesses, the future is bleak and revenues are slow. A shared belief of optimism will carry members far and also enable them to achieve greatness within a short period of time.


Communication as a business skill cannot be underestimated; it entails writing, spoken and listening skills. For a group member to function well within the group and also deal well with the customers and the outside world, he/she must exhibit a high level of communication skills.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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