Can you kindly introduce yourself- real names, Educational background & family background?

A: My name is David Dumebi Mukolu; I was born & bred in Lagos. I’m the second child and first son out of my mom’s four children. I had my Primary School education in Lagos, a bit of my Secondary School education in Enugu and Command Secondary School Kaduna and a Diploma in Mathematics at the University of Lagos.


What’s your state of Origin, Birthdate?

A: Delta State, May 1st


How was growing up like for you?

A: Uncanny.


How did you come about the name SNA-Z?

A: It’s an abbreviation for ‘Standup Nigeria/Nations from A-Z. One needs awareness, the attention and interest of their target audience when selling their brand and if a message must be passed across properly. We at SIN Entertainment/Kandibar Records have a lot to contribute positively to the world and our society at large so that we all can have a better life thus full attention is required.


When did you start your music career professionally?

A: I started professionally in 2007.


So this means you signed to a label/management?

A: Yes, Kandibar Records.


What’s your relationship between your label mates/management?

A: Very cordial.


How many official singles do you have out on airplay?

A: Four (4)


What’s the inspiration behind your singles?

A: My first single ‘Jo Dada’ was inspired by the high acceptance of commercial songs in Naija, while ‘Kolobi’ & ‘I Don’t Mind’ were simply narratives and my 4th single ‘Beta life’ was partly inspired by the beats and the present economic situation in our country, Nigeria.


You seem to have a recognition in the South, why is that so?

A: That’s certainly due to intense promotion and follow-up. All thanks to Coucic Entertainment.


What is your source of inspiration?

A: My Life so far has been a great source of inspiration for me.


What genre of music do you make?

A: My present sound is a blend of Afro-pop and High-life.


Have you ever had an incident that has occurred to you, which has helped boost your confidence as an artiste?

A: Hmmmm, yes I have.


Who would you call your mentors?

A: I’ve got just one Mentor and that’s the Holy Ghost. He is my trusted counsellor and coach.


What is your award archive like?

A: Quite impressive, it’s growing.


In the next five years, where do you envision SNA-Z?

A: On good grounds.


Asides music, what would you have yourself doing?

A: Teaching/counselling. Like I always say, my talent lies on my tongue.


What are your plans to take over the Nigerian music industry?

A: Seriously! Lol…Should I be telling you that?


Well okay then, As a young person, what’s your philosophy about life?

A: It’s like a book, a school. You know, learn, fail, try, pass, know & learn again.


How would you describe yourself generally in a sentence?

A: Honestly, I’d rather have people describe me based on their different opinions and perceptions, that way I can work on my weaknesses and improve on my strengths.


What’s your relationship with other growing Nigerian artistes?

A: Cordial.


Any last words to young persons trying to leave a positive impact?

A: The book of Proverbs 4:23 says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life”. And I say become right-minded.


Nice one. So when should we be expecting your album?

A: Very, very, soon.


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