If at 13, Wizkid was already a pro singer; he would have recorded more popular songs, built a more robust catalogue and perhaps, he would have risen to heights well above his current standing. If at that tender age, 9ice’s art of soulful music was known to the world, there would have been more Gongo Asos and No Be Mistakes than are currently in record. Imagine what listening to a Nasty C tape in 2010 would have felt like – futuristic and relatable music.

The factor of an early start is a rare advantage in the career of artistes and it is the reason for the excitement about the trio of “Rott”, “Bichon” and “Shepherd”; who, together, form a music team now popularly known as “Puppy Pound”. The group makes Afro-fusion music; combining elements of pop, soul and trap sounds to create youthful music that is essential in the way that it inspires and entertains listeners.

Bichon, whose real name is Oluwatodunni Obafemi, gives the music its soulful element, while Jude Ore (the member of the group called Shepherd) supplies the African pop element. A lot of the western influences on the music made by Puppy Pound comes from Akolade Adegboyega (aka Rott), whose speciality in rapping and urban dance steps makes him a natural crowd favourite.

The first offering from the trio came in the form of a dance-friendly yet spirit-lifting record that is encouraging of a life of less worry even in difficult times. The song, titled “Body”, left an impression on the listening audience. A member of this audience, who seem to have evolved into becoming a fan, referred to the team of tender-aged talents as “adorable.” Another impressed listener made a point that Puppy Pound music appeals to an audience of both the young and the advanced in age, referring to their music as “voice of kids with grown minds.”

The positive feedbacks continued even to their follow-up release titled “Olayinka”, which is similarly Afro-fusion music, with even more traditional influences, especially the interesting Yoruba lines introduced on the song. A certain, GXP, commented on one of the popular blogs that picked up the song, saying “wow, I was truly impressed. This is pure talent.”

With three songs so far, you can tell that Puppy Pound is on the rise. This group of teenage artists is growing a fan base that consists of other music loving teenagers, youths and adults that are young at heart. With the advantage of an early-start which the group is consciously exercising, they are showing prospects of becoming a mainstay in the Nigerian music scene in the future.


This piece was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

Culled from Issue 21


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