Heartbreaks are surely inevitable in relationships that were established for the wrong reasons; Relationships where the partners involved are mere actors delivering their own scripts, relationships born out of boredom, relationships born out of peer or societal pressure, or relationships established just for the single purpose of experimenting sexual acts.

After a careful opinion poll, elaborate understudy of failed relationships and commensurate observation of relationships with problems, the discoveries are quite shocking and alarming. It is so true to say many don’t know what their true motives of venturing into relationships are, many are individuals living a life of pretence owing no guilt to their conscience. With the thorough scrutiny and observations of failed relationships, one would conclude without room for skepticism that pretense causes 90 % of its failure.

It is quite possible that a person can pretend to love another as long as much as his desired option is yet to be found. The day he or she finds their desired option, that may mark the beginning of the failure of that relationship and breakups. When the option is found, little loopholes emanate to weaken the existing relationship till it has no bond to hold it. The one with the new option always changes attitude, fails to care, fails to give attention, and makes up unnecessary excuses. It is also quite possible that two people in a relationship could be living in pretence, pretending till they find their suitable and desired replacements.

These types of people are people who venture into the relationships probably because of boredom, peer or societal pressure. Their partners may not be exactly what their hearts crave for, you then find two unready hearts jumping into a relationship just to please the society and not their hearts.

In as much as pretence contributes to unsuccessful relationships, it is quite difficult to ascertain whether a partner is pretending or not. I’m saying this because of an experience a friend of mine had. He believed his girlfriend was head over heels in love with him, I thought so too until the four year relationship came crashing. Unfortunately, we found out that his girlfriend had gotten into another relationship and from our findings we gathered that she started misbehaving when the new relationship started. She couldn’t pretend anymore & she bluntly told my friend after our appeal that she was never in love with him.

To cut the story short, she eventually got married to this new guy and left my friend heartbroken. My friend truly loved her and was hoping to get married to her. It is without doubt that she was in the relationship pending on when she’d find her desired dream man.

Some male folks could pretend to be in love with a girl as long as their sexual desires & appetites are satisfied. They actually don’t love the girl yet keep her just for the single purpose of satisfying their lustful desires. This type of relationship will only last as long as the man involved continues to pretend to love the woman.

Another example which is common with the ladies is their ability to pretend to the core as long as they get benefits from their partners. They fake their voices when answering calls and they sure know how to make a man believe they love him. This type of relationship is just a timebomb waiting to explode.

Many people engage into relationships just because their friends are in relationships, or for the sake of satisfying their lustful desires. Others are just there for the material benefits and this is common with the ladies. A relationship based on any of the above reasons is a timebomb waiting to explode. It might last as long as the partners involved continue to pretend, depending on when they find a better substitute.

In a case where a person is truly in love and their partner is pretending and acting his own script just to make believe, the situation will only leave the one truly in love with severe heartbreaks & emotional issues that can lead to depression and suicidal attempts.

It is a good thing to fall in love, it is a good thing to start a relationship, but it will be better starting a relationship based on mutual feelings. Love and love geniunely. Dont pretend. When you truly love someone, you’d hardly find a reason to leave your partner because you can’t do without them. They appear the best and perfect amidst their imperfections.

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