Chidera – Rivers (Day 20)

Wooohooo! it’s the final day! here’s how my last day in NYSC Camp Rivers State went.

I woke up by 3am to shower because the Director-General was coming to the orientation camp for a speech. We waited for how long only to find out the meeting was literally 15 minutes and could have been done through a WhatsApp broadcast. Anyway, after the meeting, I went back to sleep because why not? I thought parade rehearsals will be by 4pm but for some reason, they started calling us out by 9 am.

I went outside but because I don’t march (I’m really bad at it) I sat under the mango tree with a couple of other people. A couple of days ago I slept off under the tree and woke up to electric ant bites. It was a lot I thought I had some sort of disease.

I don’t know what it is about my hair but when soldiers see me they always send me to go and march, it’s annoying. So while I was peacefully sitting, one soldier saw me, one of the meanest soldiers, and he screamed at me to go and march.

After the parade rehearsals, the ATM cards for the new account we created started circulating so I went to my platoon to find mine. It wasn’t ready so I went to collect the pictures I took during the Man o War activities from the photographer. Before I knew it, fight had started.

So on getting to the photographers, I noticed none of the pictures were edited and they expected me to pay N200 per soft copy, which made no sense. I told them to delete it that I didn’t need it again and that’s how the fight started. My friend was telling me to calm down but I wasn’t having it. After all the gra gra I still paid sha.

After all of that, I went to my friend’s room to eat, I couldn’t eat in my room because it’s always so hot. Before we knew it they were blowing that bugle again. We were gathered for a meeting with the State Coordinator, which was pretty much the most unfruitful meeting we’ve had so far.

After the meeting people were excited to be finally leaving so everyone started singing “I’m coming home”. After that, we went to eat at the mami market and said goodbye to our guy friends. I then went to hang out with some of my girlfriends. We ate, gisted and had a good time before the crazy day that is tomorrow.

After that I started feeling sleepy and decided to go back to my room to prep for tomorrow’s big day.

Yours joyfully,

Chidera from Rivers State

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