Precious – Niger State (Day 9)

Oh hi, sorry I’ve not responded, been spending hours in a random clinic in a state I never imagined I’d be in. 

Niger isn’t really a bad place, it’s pretty chill in my opinion. Here in camp the mornings are really cold. I normally wake up by 3am to shower and get dressed. The showers are disgusting and bad as per usual but I can’t risk bathing outside so I just manage it. If I have spare time before 5am, when the bugle is blown, I just try and rest some more. 

By 5am, the time keeper blows the bugle and then it’s time for morning devotion and man o war activities. After the devotion and exercise I sharply go to the clinic. I don’t join the others for the morning parade because I have a sprained leg, so I just go and sit in the clinic jeje where no one will disturb me.

I don’t really work with their daily shedule because I spend most of my time at the clinic. Now that swearing in is over, our late mornings and are filled with all sorts of lectures The lectures run from from after breakfast, 9am, till about 2pm. 

I never collect food from the kitchen, I always go to the market to buy food. So I spend my breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the mami market. 

Sometimes I join them at the lectures but when I’m tired I go to the room to rest. The soldiers usually relax their hostel search a few hours into the lectures, so I use that opportunity to go back and sleep. 

By 2pm after the lectures, those who didn’t bath in the morning go to take their baths. Others go to charge their phones at the market, while some others go to eat and rest till it’s time for parade again by 4pm. Like I said i’m at the clinic so I don’t join them during parade activities.

Sorry I have to go, it’s time again! 

Yours sincerely,  

Precious from Niger State. 

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