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Tolu – FCT (Day 5) 

Hey! I’ve had a pretty long day so I’m exhausted right now but of course I’ll tell you how my fifth day in NYSC camp went. 

The day started off like any other day really, woke up by 3am to shower and dress up. We were out on the parade ground by 4:50 for prayers, national anthem and morning drills i.e chanting man ‘o’ war songs and jogging. 

Then we had parade rehearsals for the swearing in ceremony. After the rehearsals I ran some quick errands. I went over to mami market to charge my phone and also get a cold drink and biscuit to munch on. I then went to the multi purpose hall for SAED lectures. After the lectures I went for a meeting with my platoon, platoon 10, to practice for drama night. After the rehearsal I went back to the parade ground for parade rehearsals. Shortly after that I had to go back for more drama rehearsal but couldn’t stay long because I had volleyball practice (I’m a busy bee yes i know). 

After volleyball I headed back to the multipurpose hall and then cheered my platoon as the inter platoon competition began. The dances and drama performances were very interesting. After all that I retired to my room to end my very hectic day. 

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