The term Netflix and Chill is a common trend that roughly translates as watching a movie while hanging out with a partner.

Well, it seems this post-pandemic situation has encouraged more chilling and less flexing.

The entertainment industry was dealt a severe blow in the form of the Covid-19 virus. Cinemas around the world were shut down, and to be frank, it will take a lot of implementation before they are open to the public again.

Movie fans will have to continually subscribe to viewing platforms like Netflix, ShowMax, Iroko, Airtel TV, or Nollyland. 

How about the movie makers? The cinema has always been a game-changer for movie producers. Millions of individual tickets around the world determine if a movie will bomb, or soar, at the box office.

For ardent movie watchers, the thought of going close to a cinema sends more chills, than the idea of Freddy Kruger in the  house in the middle of the night.

But if there’s anything this pandemic has taught us: it’s planning. For every month since the quarantine, there’s been nothing less than five movies a month.

Some of the movies that have graced our screens since the pandemic include Spenser Confidential, Bloodshot, Extraction (which was heavily debated on social media platforms),

Trolls War, Justice League: Apokolips War, Lovebirds, The Wrong Missy, The Half of It, Inheritance, King of Staten Island, DA 5 Bloods, My Spy, Looks that Kill, Old guard (which was the centre of attraction on Twitter from the day it was released. With constant comparison to Netflix’s Extraction, and tweeps pulling out guns and marking territory). Just recently, Netflix released a romantic movie-Kissing Booth 2, and as if people weren’t mouth-watered enough, they dropped a teaser trailer for part 3, which will be in 2021.

 Synder’s Justice League cut is still garnering hype, as fans are anxiously awaiting its release. Umbrella Academy has been taunting fans with its photos and clips, hints, and the trailer, was mind-blowing. 

How about Lucifer? It turns out he has a twin—double gorgeous evil. Just when you thought one devil was hot enough, he turns around and has a twin. 

Nothing has been said about Manifest and Legacies, though, it has been confirmed that a season three is around the corner.

The line-up of movies is incredible. The absence of cinema has nothing on the movie producers. 

As much as viewers want to get back to the cinemas, and as much as producers might want this to happen, we are still a longshot from coming up with strategies—reducing the number of people in a hall, leaving a chair vacant after each viewer, etc.— to make this a reality.

With the constant spike in numbers, and lack of contingencies in Nigeria, it might take a long time before the cinemas are open again, all we can hope for is for a better way forward.

This article was written by Damian Anastasia; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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