Weeks after the novel covid-19 spread its deadly tentacles through Wuhan China, taking its toll on people and businesses alike, it suddenly without warning, ended.

No more cases, no more deaths.

So if you have somehow entertained the thought that this lockdown might probably be our constant reality, you are most likely wrong on all counts.

One day in the nearest future, the coronavirus will breathe its last breathe; stutter and die or more likely the rate of people affected will be so small that the lockdown will be lifted.

What next?

We will all be herded back to work. What would be your post covid-19 plan? Are you prepared for that eventuality?

Here are four things you should be thinking of now, to help you cope when that time comes.


And we are not talking about just clothes. In fact your most nagging post covid concern should be how you will style that gorgeous electric blue pant suit with a bland medical mask.

Yeah, masks.

I’m sure it never crossed your mind that when the lockdown is lifted, we would still need to put in place safety measures in case covid-19 decides to make an unannounced return.

So in a high-profile office environment with deadlines and overstretched expectations, wearing a mask daily would be the new normal.

So a bland medical mask won’t do the trick. Good thing is that there are hordes of creatively-crafted, stylish masks out there that you can pick from.

So make room on your dressing table as you begin to stock up on masks, because the truth is, you will need quite a number of them to survive your daily encounter, more like one for every day.


So flu season is nearly here and what that means is that an unhealthy wave of flu-like symptoms will assail us, as soon as the rains show up.

Your bit is to be able to differentiate all the other innocuous flu-like symptoms from that of the novel coronavirus.

So go ahead and read up on all there is to know about covid-19 and other seasonal flus, from the incredibly dumb to the brilliantly explained because you probably will need it to tell if that persistent cough from your colleague is viral or not.


It’s post covid-19 season and like 70% of the populace, you are expected to jump into a commercial bus and hope to God that your fellow commuters are not infected.

That’s living dangerously.

A viable alternative would be to find a way to carpool to work daily with people you are familiar with.

Did I hear you ask how?


All of Lagos right now is practically land locked and what that means is that you get a chance to catch a glimpse of the people that you never get to see on a good day.

Go ahead and strike up a conversation and get to know them. My bet is that they are mobile and they follow the same route that you do to work.

Problem solved. 


If the last few weeks taught us anything, it’s that everyone should have a digital strategy in place. 

Not that we are expecting another end-of-the-world scenario, but who knows when another incurable virus might decide to hop on the scene.

So if your business is layered on a brick and mortar strategy, then you need to begin to rethink your entire business plan.

Go digital.

Besides the threat of another lockdown, everyone who is anyone is online, and if there’s any hope of your brand making it through the 21st century, you probably need a set up that is digital-dependent.

So that’s it, four vital tips to help you soar post-covid but as this is yet hypothetical, you need to focus squarely on the critical task at the hand – staying alive.

Good luck with that.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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