In the year of COVID, I can bet that the last thing on the mind of any woman was a manicure! The sole thought of everyone was theirs and the survival of their loved ones. Most beauty trends, if not all, took a back seat. However, even though covid still looms in the air, it’s the year 2021 and beauty trends are “Coming in hot”. Nail trends have taken centre stage as women have resumed proper grooming.

We just began the second half of the year, but already there are so many new nail designs and colours that it may seem hard to keep up; don’t worry we’ve got you covered. If you want to step up your nail game or just try something new… keep reading.

Let’s start with the most popular design at the moment; these are called Abstract Organic Shapes. This summer, there have been loads of abstract organic shape designs that are done with super bright and playful colours. Personally, I think these designs make you feel like you’re back in high school where “girls just wanna have fun!” We have celebrities like Kylie Jenner really going in on this trend.

Photo credit: @kyliejenner on Instagram
Photo credit: @nails_and_soul on Instagram

Unique French Tips: Instead of the regular white tips, nail artists have begun to play with colours and stickers to create unique french tips. I really like this trend because it’s a take on the old but can be enjoyed by the younger generation.

Photo credit: @kknails_x on Instagram
Photo credit: @nailbvby_ on Instagram

Press-On Nails: Since the beginning of quarantine, press-on sets have been quite popular, and they have remained so. Their allure is that you can fix them yourself in the comfort of your home. Press-on’s come in various designs, shapes and colours. You can also have them customized to suit your taste.

Photo credit: @frhairandbeauty on Instagram
Photo credit: @frhairandbeauty on Instagram

Velvet Nails: Glitter and metallic polish are used in a velvet manicure to catch the light and create a textured look. Those who love metallic nails will love this new take on it.

Photo credit: @stefflondon on Instagram
Photo credit: @__nenails on Instagram

Extremely Long Nails: This trend is championed by the Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallions. The nails look really good but I wonder how they get any work done 😂

Photo credit: @theestallion on Instagram
Photo credit: @iamcardib on Instagram

Just in case you have been slacking, you still have time to catch up with these trends before 2021 is over 😉

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