Ponytails have become a fan favourite of women everywhere! Ponytails like Ariana Grande give off a sweet, soft, and feminine vibe, and just like her music, it’s there for you when you’re feeling fabulous on a good hair day or when you need a quick fix on a bad hair day. Ponytails are versatile and can go with almost every look and fit into most occasions.

Clip-in ponytails are now available in different styles, lengths, textures and colours. It is also available in synthetic, human hair and human hair blends. So whatever your fancy is, there’s a style just for you, and whatever your budget is, there’s a brand with prices tailored for you.

How to install and style a clip-in ponytail:

  • Pack your natural hair, put it in a high bun and tie it with a hairband.
  • Attach the hair extension ponytail combs to the top of the ponytail you just formed.
  • Pull the velcro strap under the ponytail while holding it in place.
  • Secure the velcro and continue wrapping the long tress around the ponytail to cover the band.
  • To finish the look, use bobby pins to secure the hair.
  • Enjoy rocking your new ponytail!

Below are different ponytail styles you can try out!

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