When Davido Adeleke announced he was returning back to the basics and going back to his African style of music after being forced by Sony to do western style of music which resulted in the coldly received “Son of Mercy” EP, many were expectant of the results of his new strategy. That back to basics strategy birthed the monster hit “IF” and brought Davido back into the certified hit status.

The song which was laced on an instrumental with snares and percussion was very melodious with its distinct kick sounds of Pon Pon and went on to become a mega hit in the country with one of the song lines ‘30 billion for the akant o’

Davido capitalizing on the success of IF, went ahead to record another song similar and laced on the Pon Pon styled instrumental and he titled it “FALL”; FALL is doing incredibly well also. Many noticed this trend and called out the star but he addressed them in Olamide’s Summer Body even shouting Pon Pon at the beginning of the track..

For Davido, Pon Pon represents the African sound which has been termed local and despite this, he is sticking to the local sound claiming it is paying him more. He went ahead to diss Wizkid for his so called western sounds claiming all other sounds apart from the local Pon Pon sound is not relevant and Wizkid responded that artistes either stay local or try and move to the international scene..

Recently, Wizkid released a MasterKraft produced track titled ‘Medicine’, a typical example of the Pon Pon styled music taking over the industry. He followed up with Odoo, again produced by MasterKraft, another musical piece with the Pon Pon instrumentation. Wizkid went as far as ensuring a remix with Phyno and Flavour was made.

Apparently, the battle between Wizkid and Davido is not ending anytime soon as fans have began comparing who is killing the Pon Pon African sound more.

It seems every body is now jumping on the Pon Pon wave. From Tekno who claimed to be the Pon Pon king with songs like Yawa, Rara to Mayourkun with the smash hit Mama and the Mega smash hit “Mad over you” by Runtown, we might just be in for a new genre of music that will rule the Nigerian music industry for the rest of the year and probably next year as every artiste looks forward to dropping a number one single and the Pon Pon styled singles seems to be a sure way to achieve this feat.

Whoever fans stick with and whoever the Creator of this new appealing sound is, one thing is for sure, other artists are jumping on the Pon Pon wave and African music is ready to take over the world. The person pushing it matters not, the desired goal is worldwide acceptance of our music, artistes and culture and we are getting there.


This article was written by Sam Synord; he tweets via: whoissynord

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