Finding cool places on the mainland sometimes is a bit harder than on the Island. I oftentimes wonder why investors and business owners are not interested in balancing the scales when it comes to tourist and local attractions in Lagos. Lol I forgot for a second that this is Nigeria and people thrive on inequality and superiority complex. However, to the thriving restaurants, bars and other spots on mainland, kudos. If you’ve been looking for nice spots to eat, chill and enjoy arts without leaving the mainland, keep reading!

Places To Eat

Restaurants are probably the best things Lagos has to offer but not necessarily for good food. Lagos restaurant run on 80% aesthetics and then 20% decent/overpriced food, that’s another conversation for another day. So whether you’re looking for a nice aesthetic spot to take pictures or a cozy spot for a date, here are a few options.

  • Orchid Bistro – Isaac John

Located in the heart of GRA, Isaac John, Orchid Bistro is a serene restaurant and cafe. It’s tucked away in a flowery cavern, away from the hustle and bustle of Isaac John. It’s easy to lose track of time in this restaurant as the ambience and food is enough to make time feel unreal. Menu price ranges from N4,000 to N13,000.

  • Purple Bistro – Yaba

Purple Bistro is a cozy restaurant located nearby the prestigious University of Lagos. If you’re a student of UNILAG and in need of aesthetic, cozy spots to have lunch with friends then this is definitely a spot you should try. Meal prices range from N1,000 upwards.

  • Yellow Chilli – GRA

As one of the busiest restaurants on the mainland, you can be assured Yellow Chilli is worth the hype. Located in the heart of Isaac John Road, it’s easily accessible from all parts of the mainland. Its menu consists of an array of meals ranging from Nkwobi to seafood okro. Prices vary from N3,500 – N6000

  • Pondicheri – Illupeju

If you’re into Indian food then you should most definitely visit Pondicheri in Illupeju. Asides from the calm ambience it has, it’s menu has an array of Indian meals that vary from N2,000 to N12,000. It’s a great place for a date or for a family night out.

Places To Chill

Lagos generally is lacking in this area. not everytime restaurants or bars, sometimes a nice quiet chill spot is great. here are a few chill spots on the mainland.

  • Jhalobia Recreational Parks & Garden – Airport Road

This beautiful park is located in Ajao estate by Airport Road. The greenery is second to none and it’s great for picnics, movie nights, weddings and company events. The large space is enough for long romantic walks or just a day out in the sun.

  • Ultimate Arena (Paintball) – Magodo

If you’re tired of going to malls or restaurants or even the cinemas and you’re just in need of scenery change, then maybe you should try a paintball session with friends. Ultimate Arena in Magodo is perfect for that. A great way to spend the weekend without journeying too far.

Places to Enjoy Art

Art is still a sector that needs to be developed and invested in more on the mainland. There are a handful of galleries or museums to enjoy regardless of the fact there are hundreds of talented artists in its different areas.

  • Kalakuta Museum – Ikeja

Home of Fela Anikulapo’s preserved antiques and memories. The museum is a refurbished version of the actual home Fela lived in. The museum gives you a more intimate guide into the life and lifestyle of Fela while he was alive.

  • Legacy Railway Museum/ Jaekel House – Ebute Metta

Jaekel House is a colonial mansion that owned and named after ny the former superintendent of the Nigerian Railway Corporation. The house now serves as a museum that exhibits archives and antiques from the 1940s to 1970s.

There you have it, a list of places to enjoy on the mainland. If you’ve been pondering on how to have an enjoyable time with your significant other or where to take your cousin who’s arriving from the village soon, ponder no more. Have a good time enjoying these places on the mainland.

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