Reality is real estate and everyone has piece of it.

Same land, yet you landscape your space differently. Some people share a peculiar reality, others have similarities, while some realities are completely invisible to others. Like minds attracts each other creating neighborhoods, social circles, and guarded communities. Everyone builds visual fences and mental fortresses. You can’t wish away the realities of others but you can block them. Good or bad, it is a rather inconvenient realization that your reality is not universal. That there are experiences you can never understand or relate to. There are worlds that are just not yours.

There are realities right in front of you, but you choose not to see them. Perhaps, it is because you can empathize with those in them. Perhaps, you sympathize with yourself for not living in them. Whatever it is, you build fences for your fortress. You are trying to stay sane, you’d say. Everyone creates their reality. You have created yours. It is your truth; everyone else’s is false. Off with their fiction, delusions and fantasies.

But then, there is a universal reality. You should also concern yourself with it. This universal reality is a picture. Our realities are the pixels. Every reality represents a microscopic square on it. Each a shade of grey determining what the picture would look like. You matter in this big picture. You coexist with others; your reality is not absolute. Your truth will be challenged by others people’s truth. Denial is good but the confrontation is inevitable. How you shape your small piece of property determines how it will look like on the neighborhood. Thus, it determines how the neighborhood looks like and so on.

To get a pretty picture, harmony is needed. There is no such thing as pretty. Pretty is just an indigene of harmony. Harmony not in the uniformity of realities, which is impossible, but harmony in their differences. The smooth blend of these pixels of different shades to create a recognizable picture. A picture of harmony.


This article was written by Ibrahim Oga; connect with him on IG here


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