If you look around today, you will see that certain people are doing things in an extra-ordinary way you never imagined because of their passion for doing it.

Many people have discovered their God given
talent by making use of the gift been deposited in them. If you derive pleasure in sketching other peoples’ face on a drawing board at a tender age, you might end up making a living out of it in the future if you keep the fire of passion for sketching burning continuously in you. Your own gift might be mimicking your fellow friends just as a way of creating fun for yourself but if the spirit never dies or you didn’t give it up because of some pressure from other people you might end up being a successful comedian.

Most people never believe their passion for a particular habit or hobby can make them successful in life; just take for example, a friend of mine back then during our secondary school days was fond of drumming and this drumming of a thing comes to her naturally and easily, most time she drums unconsciously even in class when the lectures are going on and today she is a renowned drummer and she doesn’t stick to drumming alone, she is also a proficient banker but drumming has brought her to limelight because of her gender and most people believe if you are doing what the opposite sex is doing then you are indeed a genius.

Developing passion for writing might be a
little difficult because writing takes a lot of reasoning and skills but when it is a thing you do often, you might become a pro over night
and might soon start publishing your own book.

If talking and speaking in public comes to you naturally and you don’t see a big deal in addressing a myriad of people and motivating
them to pursue their ambition or dream then your passion for being a motivational speaker is indeed a great gift. Never give up your
passion for a particular hobby or action because of human criticism or your gender, sometimes it helps to make you stronger and develop your passion even more.

For your passion to make you successful in life, there are three things you must consider;

Firstly, never misinterpret your interest for a something for passion. You might have interest in learning a particular instrument and not
have passion for using that instrument. If you develop your interest very well, you might be a master at it but if you have a passion for it
you will be a pro and stand out in your field.

Secondly, develop your talent by making use of your passion, you can make it big in life if you develop a strong passion for your talent. The use of your talent with a great sense of passion will surely make your success story a better one.

Thirdly, never give up for anything. To get to the top in life you will surely climb some obstacles like criticism and other embarrassment, but never give up and always believe In yourself.


This article was written by Ademiju Solomon.

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