The circle is finally complete.

The line-up of the new generation of Afrobeat music entrants from Rema, T-Classic, Joeboy, Alpha P to Fireboy DML have all finally put out work.

Now we can begin to judge them on a level playing field.

Lagos-based singer Oxlade whose real name is Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan, is currently pegged as one of the young and promising acts prepped to change the face of the African music Industry. 

He is yet to disappoint.

Oxlade, the last of the new school music game changers dropped his debut work titled ‘Oxygene’ an obvious word play that speaks to breathing as well as Oxlade’s in-born predisposition to music.

The Oxygene EP is a nod to Oxlade’s rich Afrobeat discography and his uncanny proficiency to meld it into a unique style of his own.

The EP’s opening track ‘O2’ clears the air on Oxlade’s vocal dexterity and the smoothness of his range, while delivering a love song that is as emotional as it is honest.

Oxlade’s call and response format on this track is a dope approach that will make the mechanics of stage performance easier to navigate.

‘Hold on’ has a familiar tinge to it. The familiarity of a hundred radio-ready tracks that assail our airwaves daily, but it manages somehow to make a statement with Oxlade’s deft vocal touch.

‘Away’ is a groove worth repeating; complete with a distinct touch of east African magic, guitar interlude and all.

‘Kokose’ boasts of the first climax. Its Afrobeat-inspired instrumental is a vibe. It rolls off Oxlade’s tongue with a smoothness that puts him in a class of his own.

‘Weakness’ struggles a bit until Oxlade finds the perfect point at the end of the song to infuse some magic. 

‘Tables Turn’ is easily the most memorable song from the collective because it tells a deeply personal story.

Oxlade’s? Probably.

The overriding message; Do good.

Moelogo, the only feature on the EP, ends up being the most memorable verse on the track.

The prayer audio insert at the tail-end of ‘Tables Turn’ adds a sentimental touch to the overall body of work.

This quirky insert delivers a deeply personal ‘Nigerian prayer’ that connects by addressing the key elements of protection, progress and viral success.

With the ‘Oxygene EP’ Oxlade doesn’t do badly at all, he has instead managed to secure a sweet spot for himself that will serve as a lifeline many months from now.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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