Our New Crush: Goddess of Skillz – Beautiful Goddess of Skillz has proven to be a master in her selected choice of career; being a model, TV Presenter and Video vixen, she has immensely proven her worth and having her for your gig or appearing on your video is a huge plus. Plying her presenting skills with an urban TV channel, Goddess of Skillz has created a brand image for herself. Tush Magazine’s representative hooked up with her and here12 are some of the answers she offered in a quest to getting to know her better.
Q. Goddess of Skillz is a catchy stage name, what is your real name?


A. My real name is Oruwari Kaine Daala

Q. Can you tell your fans more about yourself?


A. Well, I’m not sure what exactly they would want to know but I’m from a family of five, with one older sister and one younger brother, I’m a visual/fine artist as well as a graphic artist, makeup artist, basketball player, rapper, singer, dancer, television presenter, model and……. the list goes on.

Q. Can you talk about your educational background?


A. I attended Fountain Nursery and Primary school, Queens College for secondary school and the University of Lagos.
Q. How do you combine modeling, TV presenting and Red carpet hosting to still deliver such stunning performances?


A. It’s really complicated but I do my best to balance it out, and luckily for me it’s all intertwined. One thing I make sure I always do is avoid getting too swamped with it all. I usually just take each day as it comes.

Q. How will you rate the Nigerian Entertainment Industry today?


A. Over 10? I would give it an 8. The Nigerian Entertainment industry has come such a long way since as far back as I can remember it. If we were still stuck in that era, we wouldn’t be able to have as many international recognition and collaborations as we do now.


Look at the likes of D’banj who got signed to G.O.O.D music or Psquare who have worked with the likes of TI and Rick Ross, and these are just a few examples. There’s people like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde getting featured on Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2013 and Genevieve cinching international roles, it’s safe to say even in the movie industry front we are doing great.
Q. As a TV and Public figure/personality, what challenges have you faced?
A. Challenges? I don’t face challenges; I have experiences, because that is what they are. A brick gets thrown at you, you pick it up, next time a brick comes flying, you will find that you are in a better place to deal with it because you start getting used to dealing with challenges.
Q. If given the power, what will you change in the industry?


A. Looking at the ratio of successful male to female artistes in the industry, one thing I would change if I had the power is the fact that female artistes aren’t recognized and find it very hard to get into the industry.


Q. Do you have other talents?


A. I’ve already given a list of them above, but to add to that I’m a great cook and I’m pretty good at anything I set my mind to do (except mathematics.)

Q. What were the early days of your career like?


A. It was pretty cool back then. I got to take first hand notes from people like Denrele Edun and VJ Adams and watch them while they worked so it is quite safe to say, I got a pretty good start, and so many of the artistes like Iceprince, MI, Jesse Jagz and others were so cool and made the job not so difficult.
Q. What is your selling point?
A. Selling point? I would say my dexterity and versatility and ability to adapt to almost any situation, but people say it’s my hair, or lack thereof, so yeah, my selling point is my head.


Q. Are you in a relationship?


A. Nobody has sent me flowers or brought me flowers in a while so I guess I’m not in any *laughs*

Q. What are the qualities you want in your ideal man?


A. Excessively rich so I can retire before I’m 30, [Loool] just kidding (but I really wouldn’t mind). My Ideal man would have to be God fearing, Understanding, Athletic, Brilliant, Loyal, Sensitive and the usual.

Q. Have you had any controversy in the industry yet?


A. Not really, I try to stay out of trouble as much as possible, but if I really have to mention one, it would be the one with Seyi Shay which I don’t believe was as big a deal as people made it out to be.

Q. Define GODDESS OF SKILLZ in one sentence?
A. It’s pretty expressive; Goddess of Skillz is a strong female with an inhuman amount to talents for one singular person.
Q. Who are your role models?


A. My mom for one, she’s the most hardworking and smartest woman I know. Ryan Seacrest is another person who I look to for inspiration.

Q. Are you a fashionista? What goes for you?


A. Fashionista? Nah!! I wouldn’t say I am. I actually refer to my style as “Homeless fashion”. It’s kind of like how Johnny Depp dresses most times when he looks very not put together. I could wear my brother’s jeans, my dad’s shirt, mom’s jewelry, sister’s belt and my shoes and still look super cool.

Q. Name five Nigerian musicians you love their music?


A. OMG!! there are so many talented artistes in Nigeria, but of the top of my head, I would definitely pick Phyno (even though my Igbo is terrible and I have entirely no idea what he is saying half the time), MI Abaga (because of his world play and lyrical skills), Olamide (because again just like Phyno I have no idea what he is saying because my yoruba is bad, but his flow is insane), Yemi Alade because watching her fiery performances on stage gives me so much life and everyone else.

Q. What is your greatest achievement so far?
A. My greatest achievements so far, would be getting to interview Jah Rule and Ashanti, meeting Amber Rose, Akon and attending the 57th Annual Grammy awards in 2015.


Q. Where do you see yourself in the coming years?


A. I see myself working in one of the biggest Television stations in the world and possibly being a cinematographer/ film maker.

Q. What will you tell many women out their aspiring to be like you?


A. Just be yourself, do what you do because you love what you not because you are trying to make other people happy, because happiness comes from within. Continue being #StrongBlackAfricanWoman (or a light skinned one) and if you are a #baldblackbeauty like myself, then ROCK ON!!!

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