Recently, Chocolate City Music boss, MI Abaga alongside label mate, Loose Kaynon appeared on an episode of the Loose Talk podcast hosted by Osagie Alonge aka Ogagz and Ayomide Tayo [AOT2] in which several controversial issues where discussed in the over 2 hours’ interview.

One of the major highlights of the podcast was when Osagz called MI’s most recent album – The Chairman fucking wack and also mention if his motherfucking yes men around him can’t tell him that, he is willing to tell him. Osagz also challenge MI about his flagship artistes buying YouTube views and MI mentioned one of his flagship artiste doing well for himself as Ckay to which Osagz responded “Who the fuck is Ckay?, a statement many found offensive and constitute disregard to Ckay and even MI Abaga himself.

The episode was not without the use of curse words from both sides. A lot of people have praised MI for his composure despite the barrage of curse words used against him, his art and his artist. The rapper responded to one of Osagz claims that his album was fucking wack  by telling him not to use the word wack for him and that he accepted his apology yet untendered .

Many critics are have discussed about the unprofessional manner in which Osagz carried out the interview while many more have commended Osagz for his fearlessness and honest critique following the path of
people like CT Tha god and other renowned entertainment journalists.

This brings one to the question thus – should a professional interview get heated to the point of using curse words? Or should artistes be put in check through criticisms to keep them in line and on their toes no
matter how harsh such comments may seem. Many are of the opinion that artistes are used to being glorified by the media and fans especially respected artistes and the only way they can get to work on themselves is through unfiltered honesty and critique of their work.

Others have stated that critics and journalists alike should also present their criticisms of artistes’ works with established facts and should be modest and be constructive with the use of words against entertainers with talent who have worked and toiled to achieve whatever success they have and put in a lot of contribution, skill and manpower to whatever work of theirs the journalists are analyzing.

At the end of the day, facts must not be excluded in any review or critique  as regards interviews of this nature likewise maturity and respect for each other’s work and personality.

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This article was written by Sam Synord; he tweets via: whoissynord

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